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MG MGA - Camshaft ID

Hi all.
First post here:-)
Last weekend I pulled the tappets on my engine and found out that some of them are badly worn.
Next I pulled the camshaft which shows alot of wear too.
A few of the lobes are just slightly worn an gives a lift at 6.700mm or just about .264".
Given by the manual the lift should be .250" or 6.350mm.
Except for the marking on the front end "5GI" there are no other
numbers to identify the cam.

So my question is: what camshaft do I have?

The car is a late '61 MGA 1600 MkII.

Thanks in adv.


L. Christiansen


L. Christiansen

Hi Lars,

I can't answer your question, but I have always been amazed at how insufficient camshaft identification has been handled for autos. How in the world is anyone supposed to follow the work of previous mechanics (and even the original manufacturers) when so little information is provided for such an important component?

I have the same question about some of my MGs. You would think that there would be a common format for indicating a camshaft's properties.

Hope you come up with some answers. It may simply be time to replace both camshaft and lifters.

Surely both the camshaft and the tappets are scrap, and must be renewed.
Just thougt it could be great to know which brand and grind on the old shaft.
Anyway, thanks for your replay DLD.

L. Christiansen

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