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MG MGA - Camshafts.

I've just started to rebuild my 1622 engine for my new Mk 2 project, and I wonder which camshafts you guys would recommend. I'm thinking about a fast road cam - would anyone have any comments? Please note my new email address -

M. Standish

Cam choices involve the kind of driving you do, the carbs you have, block work and head work. Assuming your engine is in good order, I would recommend either a Piper 270 for fast road or a Piper 286 for a little more grunt but a choppier idle.
I do country driving and have been very happy with my 270.
Good luck
Bayard DeNoie

I have Kent 717 in my engine and it pulls well from fairly low revs ,the other alternative is as the other post a Piper 270,both arte good fast road cams all be it with a slightly lump tick over.


I've got a copy of a piper 270 in my 1622...Car runs great on the highway and around town!

Don't forget that if you still have a mechanical rev counter, you will need to swap the drive gear onto the new camshaft,
John Bray

have a good look at the Newman PH1 camshaft which will pull strongly from 1500 to 6000 rpm.
It looked really mild but i was persuaded by my engine tuner to try it on my new 1950cc motor. (I had thought that maybe a Piper 270 would be the best option but it is really hard to go against an experienced engine tuners advice)

The result has amazed me, it pulls and revs like a race engine but it will whiffle along at 30 mph in 5th gear and still pull away really strongly if I floor the pedal.

Worth a look at least.

Colyn Firth

Barney's musings on camshaft selection is worth a read.
Mike Ellsmore

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