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MG MGA - can't engage reverse to static time

I'm trying to set the motor at TDC for #1 cylinder to install the distributor. Motor and trans are rebuilt, motor hasn't run yet. I can bump (by push) the motor over to get #4 rocker arms "just rocking", but just over shoot TDC a bit. Than I can't seem to get the trans into reverse to bump it back. Any help appreciated.

George G.

George - just put he car in one of the forward gears and push it backwards.
Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Take the plugs out, put in neutral and use the crank handle or a spanner similar to attached if no crank handle.

Mike Ellsmore

Thanks Dave, of course! Had a "senior moment" there I guess LOL...

George G.

Ahh Mike
You got hold of a spanner then, makes life easy eh
William Revit

I made it Willie!
Mike Ellsmore

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