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MG MGA - Caparo Vehicle Technologies

I don't know how many of you have noticed that in the past couple of weeks Caparo PLC has gone into receivership and its Chief Executive died at the weekend in a fall from his house.

One of Caparo's businesses is Caparo Vehicle Technologies. They make car components including braking systems. One of the units they produce is the rather good Caparo master cylinder for the MGA. They took the machine tools over from Lockheed and have been producing a higher quality product for a few years now.

So the question is going to be will this section of the company be sold off as a going concern? Otherwise we will all end up making do with inferior MCs from other sources once again.

Steve Gyles

Sad story concerning Mr Paul's death. It was an extremely large conglomerate by the look of it.
Graeme W

You'd better stock up on master cylinders while you still can.
Dave O'Neill 2

They also produce all the better quality slave cylinders!
Neil MG

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