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MG MGA - Cape Town to Abingdon

The guys and gals are now assembling at the start of their trip. The Aussies are in the air, as are many of the others. The cars are already in South Africa.

The folks arrive in Jo'burg in the morning, and set off from Cape Town this time next week. Let's wish them luck, and a safe and fun trip.

I'm really looking forward to being part of the group from Nairobi to Cairo. I leave in a month from today. I'm sure there are going to be lots of adventures on the way.

dominic clancy

Good luck with your leg of the trip Dominic - keep us posted with your progress.
Cam Cunningham

Dominic, do you know if anyone in that lucky group has set up a blog so that us envious lesser mortals can follow their progress? I really enjoyed following their last epic from Oz to Abingdon via Beijing.

I suppose that connection to the web may be an issue but even an occasional update would be brilliant.


Colyn Firth

The blog is here
dominic clancy

Thanks Dominic

I just took a look at the blog and it is great, you can almost feel the excitement coming through the pages.

Its going to be the first thing I look at every time I log on for the next few months.

For anyone who isnt familiar with a blog, the each new entry is posted above the last so if you want to start at the beginning, scroll down to the very bottom of the blog.

Each new entry is listed by date so you read down the first one (dated 4th July 2012) and then scroll upwards for the next entry, which you read downwards again.

I found it a bit odd at first as I kept wanting to turn over to the next page like in a diary, but you get used to it.

I am still posting stuff on my first ever blog that I started in July which covers our trip to the Mont Blanc region of the Alps,
There are lots of pics on it and I really enjoyed the trip and posting the blog about it too but I think it seems more like a fun day out when you compare it to this Cape Town adventure.

Best of luck Dominic and to everyone else on the trip. I hope you all have the time of your lives.

Colyn Firth

I am now in the process of getting my own set up, will be iPad only on the road, so needed to find something usable.

The link is, will add as we go along.
dominic clancy

Your blog is now up and running Dominic and looks great.Wow, that is a hell of an itinerary, Im exhausted just by reading it!

Have you set up an email option on your blog Dominic?

On Wordpress you can update your blog by email, so you could write up the entry even if you were off line, add any pictures as attachments and then save it as a draft until such time as you could get an internet connection to upload it.
It proved very useful in the French Alps when the net service was often really poor.
The email would then automatically update onto the blog and any pictures would be shown as a collage.

I messed up my first entries on my blog as I didnt realise that when you uploaded a picture it would wipe off any text I had already written on the page. I then found you had to "insert" a picture into the text!
This is why I have had to re-enter much of the stuff I had already written!
Really annoying.

Looking forwards to seeing some pictures when you get started.

Colyn Firth

Say "hello" to my brother Mark when you are in Nairobi. We'll be following the group's progress on
P. Tilbury

Dominic - I see you are visiting Portsmouth, UK on 22nd Nov on your way to Abingdon. Do you know where you will be visiting or staying in the Portsmouth area? It would be great to meet up with yourself and RIP Dave and the others again.
P N Tipping

Hi Pete

I will not be aboard that leg, and I think the plan is to head straight from Portsmouth to Abingdon and not stay in Portsmouth at all.

I will however be staying in Portsmouth next weekend as I have organised a group for Goodwood Revival.

Peter, you should get ypur brother to come to the Nairobi Concours and introduce himself
dominic clancy

I am sure he will be at the concours, and you may see him at other "events" lined up for the stop in Nairobi. He has an MGB GT, and a Triumph Stag, but not sure if either of them are up to "concours" standard.
Many of my friends from the Vintage Car Club of Kenya will have vehicles at the concours event.
P. Tilbury

Thanks for coming back on that Dominic, I'll keep an eye on RIP Dave's blog. So where do we find you guys around Portsmouth? Am not doing the Revival this year...
P N Tipping

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