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MG MGA - Cape Town to Abingdon in an MGA

Hi All: After our enjoyable drive in MGAs and MGBs from the MG factory in China to the MG factory in Birmingham last year, I have itchy feet and am planning another epic drive - This time, from Cape Town to Cairo, take a left and head for Morocco, then on through Spain and France to Abingdon in 2012 - around 24000km, I believe!
We have 8 starters and are looking for 2 more - preferably in MGAs.
I have tried to upload the details here but the file is a Word document and I cannot get it to load. Any ideas how I could convert the file to jpeg?
I will answer any questions you have on the proposed trip, except "Why?", because I don't know the answer to that one yet!
Regards, Dave, RIP.

David Godwin


How many pages is it?
If it is only one page and fits on the screen in one view you can use the "print screen" function in Windows and then paste it into an image program like Paint Shop Pro.
If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, not just the Reader, you can break the file down into single pages and save them as a JPG image.
Failing that, I will contact you by email and I will do it (I do not like putting my email address on the Internet)

M F Anderson

Just adding to Mick's process which I use quite regularly, I paste the 'print screen' screen shot into PowerPoint; then use the cropping tool to cut out the trivia; then save as 'JPG File Interchange Format' in the 'Save as Type' drop down menu.

Steve Gyles

Following on from Steve's comment you can Cut and Paste the text from a Word document into a Text Box in PowerPoint then Save As a jpeg file.
Mike Ellsmore

Hi Dave

Send me the document and I'll put it on my site and send you a link


dominic clancy

Or you can just copy and paste the text into the comment box here. You would loose formatting but the text will come thru just fine.

Chuck Schaefer

Hi Dave
These guys are far too technical to own MGAs. No one has suggested how you could simply print it off and scan it. That'll be a jpeg...
P N Tipping

Turn left at Cairo. That would be Libya then.
Malcolm Asquith

Thanks for all the advice - Photocoping sounds like the easiest option but Mike has been in contact off this thread and has offered to host it for me, so it should appear in a little while...
Yes, Libya is a challenge, but Tunisia was in strife last year but seeems to have settled down now so we have time on our side.
Besides, if the worst comes to the worst, we could ship the cars around trouble spots or head northwards to Italy or France...
This is not a long drive - it is an adventure - one of the last few left for long-distant MGA/MGB Driver-lovers!
David Godwin


Your Word file is attached.


M F Anderson

Do you have contacts in different parts of Eastern Africa? Essential if you have problems at the borders (guaranteed!). I can give you a contact name, with a classic Car Club in Kenya. Let me know off the BBS.
P. Tilbury

Thanks Peter - I have now been in touch with your brother in Nairobi and organised a swag of things to do while in town.
Interesting that no-one from the MGA BBS Threads has considered coming - I would dearly like a few MGAs to offset all the MGBGTs that have applied...
David Godwin

Lol don't forget midget drivers - since Roy Locock is doing it this year - sadly without me :(

There is someone who contacted me who is interested in coming with you - so I shall follow the progress avidly!

Roy is a real character and doing the trip in a Midget is more of a challenge than in a MGA!
No-one has been in contact yet - what are their names and what do they drive?
David Godwin

I think you will be Ok in Libya - you can't mount a heavy machine gun in the boot.
Art Pearse

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