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MG MGA - Car wont start

My 60 MGA sounds like either the starter motor isn't working, but I had it tested and it tested OK or the battery is bad, but its not. Is there a way to test the starter switch?
I can push start the car easily and it will restart immediately, but if it sits a while, it won't start. Any ideas?
J Weiss

Throw a cable from the battery directly to the starter. If you start up, you know the battery is good. Take a jumper cable and attach it to the power side of the starter switch, try the switch. If it won't start, take the cable to the load side of the switch and if it starts, you have a problem with either the starter switch or the connections. If it won't start, most likely the starter cable is bad, or dirty connections from the switch to the starter. Also, check your ground.
Mike Parker

Or you can simply put a digital voltmeter across the 2 terminals of the starter switch. You will get 12V before pulling the switch and should get (I would guess) less than 0.25 V while cranking. That is just a guess. I would think if you are getting more than 1 Volt while cranking, the switch may be suspect. Most likely suspects are a dirty connection at the battery terminals or the grounding strap at the motor mount.
Chuck Schaefer

I've recently had a bad grounding strap. The engine would turn over about 1/2 a turn. The strap looked ok, but it wasn't. I ground the engine with a separate cable to test and the engine cranked unbelievably.
Dennis Suski

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