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MG MGA - carb linkage available

I'm restoring a 51 TD which, for whatever reason came with what I believe are MGA carb linkages. I switching over to TD links and have the MGA linkages available. I'm attaching a pic --if I'm wrong and they're not MGA, if anyone can ID them, I'd appreciate it. If anyone is interested in them, email me at jcosin01 at gmail dot com.

J Cosin

They look like the linkage on my A, could be used on a few models. Either way, not T series. Could be someone installed the larger carb??? What's the throat size?

They are the larger 1 1/2 carbs as fitted to TD MK II's and TF's-appropriate in my case as I have a 1500 xpeg engine retrofitted into a 51 TD/C.
J Cosin

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