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MG MGA - carb seals still leaking

I've just replaced my carb seals, with standard cork seals.I've tried centering the jet as per the manual, seems a bit hit and miss though, might be worth buying the centering kit.

Put it back in car but still leaking from jet area

ps how do you know when the bottom half of the jet bearing is tight with the copper washer and not just pressing against the large cork seal. How tight should it be as I don't want to over tighten.
D J Joy

Crank it up tight. It is a big thread, and you won't damage anything. There is a very definite and sudden transition from "crushing cork snug" to "wow, that's tight". It has to be tight with metal to metal contact so the jet bearings cannot move after being centered. When it is all settled there will be only a thin edge of the cork showing around the sides.
Barney Gaylord

Did you a) polish the brass jets' outside diameter ensuring no scratches and b) soak the cork gland washers in engine oil for 24 hours before assembly? The latter softens, lubricates and slightly expands the cork to ease fitting.
P N Tipping

This thread was discussed on 23/01/2013

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