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MG MGA - Carburator Sync Procedure

Finally!!! My rebuilt engine ran for the first time this Saturday -- with the help of a local expert.

Now I need to synchronize my carbs. I have been reading the archives but still don't have a sense of what I need to do. Does anyone have a step by step process to follow?
gerard hutchinson, page 24 onwards
dominic clancy

Dominic your link is broken.

I think the procedure is in the workshop manual. I recommend getting an SU tool kit and a Gunsen ColorTune. These will do you right in the long run.
Mark J Michalak

Mark. Also check out Paul Hunt's "The Pages of Bee and Vee" website. MGB oriented, but the instructions of setting the carbs will work for the MGA as well as the B.

Les Bengtson

Delete the comma at the end of Dominics url.

Thanks Dominic!!
gerard hutchinson

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