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MG MGA - Carburetor float valve

I have one of my carb. float valves that keeps sticking.
It is quite annoying cos it will dry the right carb and the engine will run only on 2 cylinders.
Its been doing that for a while now, even after rebuilding the carbs.

Today after driving I took it appart when it was doing that and indeed the valve was a tight fit in the bore. I am not sure if that is something that happens with heat... the plastic was tight in the bronze bore.

Tomorrow I need to check is the is any cr*p lodged in the bore too. Didn't want to mess around with it too much while everything was very hot and cause a fire!

If I find no dirt in to bore o you recommend;

1 - filing VERY slightly the plastic?
2 - Replacing the valve and bore?
3 - Changing to the 'ball type' valves?

Gonzalo Ramos

Examined closely, there is probably a "fin" caused by moulding on one or two opposing of the 4 fins designed into the plastic. File it off; a nail file or emery board is appropriate. Valves must be FREE.

Fletcher R Millmore

I threw mine away and went to the Grose ball valves. Don't know if they are generally well thought of or not but they immediately cured an intermittent sticking, like yours, and have been 100% ever since. So, I would recommend them and it's a very quick and easy job to change.
Bruce Mayo

Gross Jets here for 20+ years, 200,000+ miles, no problems at all (and never replaced). But you need clean fuel or a good fuel filter.
Barney Gaylord

Get yourself a pair of grose jets and throw away the plastic ones, and dont hesitate for a minute Gonzalo. You will rid yourself of fuel starved and/or flooded carb problems for ever. As Barney said also install a good fuel filter.

F Camilleri

This thread was discussed on 10/05/2010

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