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MG MGA - carburetor question

I recently had a conversion from an 1500 to an 1800 motor in my MGA and was thinking I would like to have my carburetors refurbished. Then I had a thought...should I be using a different set of SU carbs for the 1800 or are they totally compatible?


You can use them but will need to fit a richer needle
dominic clancy

I am running MME needles in my 3 brg 1800 motor with a mild cam. Just look in the mgb manual or the Moss website and they will give you the details of the 3 needles that were offered as standard in MGBs
Mike Ellsmore

On Bob West's advice I retained the MGA needles and simply retuned the carbs. Later on I played with other needles but returned to the MGA set-up as I got better all round performance.

Steve Gyles

Thanks for the responses.

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