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MG MGA - carburettor body

I have just completed with the help of a regular contributor on this site, Frans Camilleri, the restoration of thew chassis and servicing of all mechanical parts and have started the engine. I wish to fit an idling cam on my carburettor but it seems that both my carbs are rear and hence there seems to be no way to fit one. I would like to ask whether anyone has a spare bottom part of a front carb to sell.
c vassallo

There are several on eBay right now.

AJ Mail

Thank you Jim for advise. I have been trying to find the part for quite some time now but have not succeeded. Maybe it will come about sometime. Maybe one of the readers will come across one and let me know.
Thanks to all anyway.
c vassallo

I had a look at a pair of carbs and I didn't see how the main casting was handed? Which bit do you need?
N McGurk

The bodies are not handed according to the SU manufacturing company, Burlen, see here

This surprised me because of the vac advance take-off which is on a rear carb, so I suppose on the new bodies it must be blanked off.

If you contact Burlen, they will sell you any component you need for your carb
dominic clancy

It is the body which holds the throttle shafts and the cam connected with a link to the choke lever. My problem is that I do not have a thread or any protruding part to make a thread for the bolt to hold the cam, and both my carbs are identical. For this reason I suppose that the front carb body is different. In fact everything works ok with the carb as is, but I would be happier if it is as it should be.
I would try burlen but I would much prefer if I could find a used part.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your input on all the threads and which I follow every day
c vassallo

The carb body that Charles is looking for is the front body. These parts are not identical as the front body has a threaded hole on the right side, looking at the carbs installed in the car. This hole is for fixing the fast idle cam plate with a small pivot bolt. Whereas the rear carb has a threaded hole on the left side and pointing downwards. This is for screwing in the vacuum line. Both these bodies have different part numbers listed on the Moss Europe parts book. The part number for the front body is AUD9045. As Charles already mentioned, the body of his front carb does not have the required threaded hole on its side, so no place to attach the cam plate. No problems with his inner carb.

F Camilleri

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