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MG MGA - Carburettor heat shield refurb

The rivets that held the 'asbestos' type material on my Moss carburettor heat shield had worked loose to the point where is was acting like a tambourine; making an irritating buzz at certain revs. Also the asbestos was hanging off, so it was time to do something about it. I found some stuff on eBay listed as "Fairing exhaust engine HEAT SHIELD", supplied by "road-and-race-online", and it does the job nicely. A piece 250mm square for
Lindsay Sampford

You cant work for everyone Lyndsay!

Your other "part-time job" working to promote the "Mr Steering" leather steering wheel covers (and presumably other interesting leather goods???) website must keep you really busy :-)

Couldnt help but notice though that you mentioned "Road-and-Race-Online" at least three times in your thread Lyndsay.

They certainly got their
Colyn Firth

Colyn, the adhesive is brilliant. I made the stupid mistake of sticking the first piece to the wrong side of the shield, it was a devil of a job to get off! After running the engine for about ten minutes I used a digital thermometer to check the temperatures of both sides of the shield. The exhaust side was 170C and the carb side 45C, so it seems to work. I'm sure it is at least as good as the matt that was rivetted to the shield originally, and at least I will never again get that infuriating rattle. The material consists of a white foam heat barrier with aluminium foil on one side and adhesive on the other and that firm, that I am not going to mention again, are the only ones I could find selling it in small pieces. There is other heat shield material on offer but it is very thin at 0.7mm and not much more than an adhesive aluminium foil. The stuff I got is 5mm thick. Just thought it was worth passing on.
Lindsay Sampford

Sounds good Lyndsay, what with your electric fan, sleeved thermostat, bilge blower and now your new carb heatshield, you should have one of the coolest MGA engine bays in existence.
Colyn Firth

Nice find. I may try it on my "new" heat shield as my current one has quite a large crack and now that you mention it I do get a buzzing rattle at certain rpms. Did you just drill out the rivets and leave the holes or did you find a way to plug them?
Mark J Michalak

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