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MG MGA - Carpet Padding vs. No Carpet padding

I am preparing to install my carpet and I'm considering padding but I'm not sure of the benefits.
gerard hutchinson

The only major benefit I can see on a roadster would be heat insulation in hot climates. I don't have any on mine and don't feel I need any either in our temperate climate (here temperate means warm, cool, cold and wet).

Neil McGurk


I got a Woolon carpet from SF and it came with the padding attached to the floor and tunnel pieces. I that padding/insulation along with Moss heater shelf pad keeps the interior significantly cooler than any other MGA I have owned.

I had to trim the padding where various pieces overlap to keep a smooth installation. Also raised the carpet lift-the-dot pegs with some washers. I would not glue down the floor carpet since you need to be able to get the out to dry after they inevitably get wet.


Jim Ferguson

I have the padding and if I did not, I could take a marshmellow on a stick and roast it in the car!!!!!

Jeff, I'm starting to reassemble my MGA Coupe after a complete body off restoration. I've read a lot about heat and noise insulation and materials and so far have purchased some koolmat which is supposed to be great for heat insulation. I'm also considering Dynamat for noise insulation. What did you use and where did you install it. The Coupe gets unbearably hot in warm California climate.


Rohnert Park, Ca.

Andy Preston

I too have Woolon from SF with the padding for my coupe. It made a big difference in heat and noise. Not to mention it's comfy! I also put Lizard Skin on the backside of the tranny tunnel, battery cover and and inside surface of the top.
I put Lizard Skin on the topside of the tranny tunnel (under the carpet) on my roadster. It made a noticeable difference in heat and noise.
G T Foster

Double height "Lift the Dot" studs are available.
Malcolm Asquith

What is lizard skin?

Also... I assume the padding is glued to the subsurface and then the carpet is glued to the padding? If this is correct, how secure is the hold?

gerard hutchinson

FYI, Mike Hickman supplies an MGA Koolmat insulation kit.

Mike Hickman
Southgate British
Your Koolmat Insulation and sound deadening Source

Mark J Michalak

Just to throw something else into the mix, when I restored my interior I used the heatsheild material supplied by Moss that was foil on one side and then a thickness of what looked like recycled shredded fibres on the other. I worked well as far as insulation was concerned but was a sponge as far as any water getting into the cockpit. I had glued it to the underside of the carpet and used adhesive backed velcro to hold it in place. Once wet it would destroy the adhesive and pieces would begin falling off the bulkhead shelf and start curling up on the floors. My next attempt was to use a product sold in Home Depot stores for hot water tank insulation. It too was foil backed but with a plastic bubble core. I glued this to the back of the carpet. This made each piece fairly ridgid but could be formed to fit the larger contours. The floor pieces, being ridgid, stay in place easily with just a press in fit. Three years with it now and no problems to report.

To answer another question posed ... Lizard Skin is a paint on product (brush, spray or roll) that has heat repelling properties. It was expensive when I last checked ($275 gal) but apparently is quite successful.

I have also heard great things about Mike Hickman's Koolmat Product.

Good luck,

Michael Hosier

Gerard, I think you would be crazy not to install it while you have the opportunity. It clearly controls sound and temp. Just get a piece of commercial grade padding from any friend in the construction business and glue it to the carpet section of the tunnel and floor. Also the battery covers for noise. It is water proof and thin but does a great job. Use the stiff padding to acquire your template and then glue and trim the carpet to it. It adds quite a bit of rigidness to keep it from slipping under your feet.

WMR Bill

Here is another pic of the thickness. I just realized I have a huge roll of this stuff so if anyone is interested I will sell sections for $25 plus shipping.

WMR Bill

I added my email should I be able to help anyone out. I don't want to burden this site with selling anything. The cost is just to cover my time running around to get this stuff and bringing it to get mailed.
WMR Bill

As Mike mentioned, Lizard Skin is a "paint on" product. It is, apparently, microscopic ceramic beads in a latex base. You can spray it, but you need a special gun that you can buy or rent. I like to use a foam brush. As Mike suggests, it's pricey...about $275 for a 2 gallon pail...more than enough to do the MG.
G T Foster

My Coupe doesn't have padding. It's hot. It's like having on a wool sweater and sitting inside an oven that's fallen into a volcano on the sun.

I used the Moss under dash mat, thin alum foil with jute to the tunnel, SF carpet with pad and I have a heat shield under the drivers floorboards (USA)to stop heat from the exhaust getting into the car. Moss use to sell these and they are about 4 inches wide and about 24 inches long. I also used a plastic bag filled with insulation to the top of the trans. The bag provides water protection. The gear shift handle on my car get warm but does not get hot like it use to.

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