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MG MGA - Cartridge Oil Filter

Which cartridge oil filter are people using on the MGA. Car has an adaptor plate to be fitted but no filter!

UK part numbers pl;ease.

Colin Parkinson


I bought an adaptor from MGOC spares and it uses GFE148 spin on filter,don't know if that helps.

B Bridgens


I have a Flexolite screw on filter adapter. It looks much like all the others you see advertised. The filters for the MGA are the Crossland 357, Mann W916/1, Coopers Z27A or Fram PH2857A.

When I bought the kit it said to use the Fram PH966B. I believe this was one used with the Ford Escort Mk.1


Steve Gyles

I seem to remember when I fitted the adapter, I did quite a lot of research because people had found the screw on canister didn't fit properly. What I discovered is that it is important to get a canister that is not proud at the screw-on side. So I used a GFE166 from Bob West.
g Victors

I have always used the filter for a Mini or other A series engines and never had a problem with leaking. I think a lot depends on the make and quality of the adaptor.
Malcolm Asquith

Colin, there are lots of equivalents that will screw onto the adaptor perfectly well but you just have to look for those on which the area around threaded hole is relatively flat.

If this area is domed too much, this can prevent the canister from screwing down far enough for the flat seal around the edge of the filter to work properly.
So when you start up the engine you will find that there is no oil pressure and that most of your expensive oil is all over your engine and in a pool all over your garage floor.

I know this because a friend of mine who owns a motorists discount shop got me a box of six filters at a great price, but, none would seal and I had to give Bob West a call to get the right one.

Colyn Firth


I have just ordered a spare filter and found that as Malcolm says the equivalent for GFE148 is GFE443 which is for a Mini some MGs and Triumphs.

B Bridgens


It may depend on which adapter you are using.

If the filter is upwards then you might want a filter with an anti drainback valve, unless the adapter has the vertical standpipe to retain oil; and I don't know if that adapter has a pressure relief built in so I don't know if you need a filter with a relief valve.

For the hanging filters there is no need for the anti drainback in the filter.

The 12H4405 mount from the 18V engine ( which I have on my 1500 ) angles away from the block so clearance against the chassis can be a problem - as g Victors says. The pressure relief is built into this mount.
I am using GFE166 ( I think this number superceded GFE148 ), actually MANN W712, "Mini or other A series engines" as Malcolm says, which is 76mm OD. ( and is nice and cheap ! )

Other adapters intended for MGA might angle the filter closer to the block, so would have better clearance and could possibly use a larger diameter filter; but I don't know which do or don't have the relief valve built in.

MANN reference numbers with suffixes ( eg W712/80 ) generally indicate combinations of anti drain and relief valves.

( Can you tell I over-researched this some while ago ! )

Of course, the pressure relief is only needed if you intend to give it some boot from a very cold start or to leave the filter in service so long that it gets completely clogged.

J N Gibson

Guys thanks for all that!!

The adaptor is I think a Mocal one, not the MGB OE type. So hangs down. No need for relief valve.

I will have a look at my stock of filters. I am sure I carry GFE 148.

Colin Parkinson

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