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MG MGA - Cecelia Strikes Again (Scarborough Faire)

When I wanted a new distributor, I contacted Jeff Schlemmer, who pointed me to SF because he had sold them a large number, and it would be available ex-stock. The service I received on the phone was amateur to put it politely, the price quoted was outrageous, plus they wanted a core unit.

On re-contacting Jeff and explaining the SF offer, he sorted me out a unit direct from him - ncluding postage, and for less than half of the SF price (and he required no core).

I guess you either like the SF way, or hate it. Given the various comments here over the years, I would have hesitated to buy from them anyway, but after that experience, they have firmly joined my list of "never to be used" suppliers.
dominic clancy

Where did the rest of the messages go?
Del Rawlins

I had the message removed by Mike. I fiqured that washing my dirty laundry in public is not the best way to support the suppliers who are respectfull of our business. The ones that ignore us are generally well know and there will always be members who vouch for them and members who vouch against them.

If I need a new headliner I will go to the reputable companies like ...Moss....Bob West...Anglo Parts....Victoria British....Little British Car Company.....University Motors, and many of the companies that appreciate our business.

For me this is water under the bridge and a lesson learned.

Gordon Harrison

I applaud your action Gordon. Well done.
Andy Bounsall

And in so doing, you had my replies removed as well. Thanks for asking.

Personally, I think that removing negative comments is the dumbest possible course of action if you want to see an improved level of service by vendors. Withholding your business as an individual is simply not effective when you are only one out of many potential customers; they need to see that their actions and policies will be made known to a larger portion of their customer base, who may choose to take their business elsewhere as a result. Furthermore, you are doing your fellow enthusiasts a disservice by withholding the knowledge of your negative experience with a company. At least you can say you were warned, and chose to purchase from SF anyway. And I can say with a clear conscience that I did everything that *I* could as an individual to keep that from happening to you, by publicizing my bad experience with SF.
Del Rawlins

Gordon, I must agree with Del. There are many novices on this site that rely on the experience of guys like you. I am one of those people.
gerard hutchinson

Del , Gerard , totally agree with you.
Negative comments are very very important.
Without them suppliers will carry on in their own sweet way and punters will be dismayed and discouraged.
Comments should however be constructive and informative
and not just a rant.

DEl, I apologize for your remarks being removed. Your opinion is one I respect and should have paid more attention to it.

To the best of my knowledge, there have only been TWO companies,named on this board, that have stood out as been less than client orientate. One is the above and the other is a Mr. J who makes sheet metal products. The rest of all suppliers mentioned on this BBS, probably have at some time had a problem with their clients but have shown the forsite to deal with it quickly and properly. Moss Motors for one has been named frequently in regard to this subject but I have never heard of them completely ingnoring the client. NO they have taken the problem in hand and ....change the item....or offer a refund. This is the way it should be. Should we ignore Moss as a supplier. No.

My situation,was my taking a risk, guaging the pro & con remarks about SF and seeing where it got me. Not to far I must say. Continuing to bash them has shown that it will get no where.

Del, everytime their name comes up, you have nothing but bad remarks, and yet you have no refund or satisfaction after all of these years. They don't give a damm.

Everytime SF is mentioned ...for every good opinion there is a bad one, so whats the point. I heard the news and still bought from them. My mistake and it will never happen again.
Gordon Harrison

It isn't true that nothing is accomplished. It makes *me* feel better, and some people may choose to take their business elsewhere as a result. Particularly when I am not the lone voice in the wilderness.

As for Moss, as a matter of fact I do avoid buying from them directly because they screw me on shipping to Alaska. They didn't used to be that way, and in other respects I find their service to be acceptable. So, I order my parts from them through a local distributor, with whom they ARE willing to work on shipping. It isn't ideal, but their major competitor as far as the MGA is concerned sets the customer service bar kind of low, so it is what it is.
Del Rawlins

I can see both Gordon's and Del's side of this argument. On one side being emphatically critical doesn't seem to work e.g. I have seen powerful and sustained criticism of Mr. J in these threads over the past year or two but judging from his Ebay adverts he seems to be going from strength to strength without any apparent change in dealing characteristics. On the other hand if I wanted a part for my car I would very much like to know the best place to get it from and the possible consequences in choosing a particular supplier. I've lost count of the parts that I have bought and cannot use.

I don't think there are any suppliers out there who are perfect so it would be good if, before buying a part, you could refer to a list and get a rating of the various outfits that supply the part. The ratings could be created by members of this site who would give a score for the supplier they chose - say marks out of ten for quality, delivery, returns experience,etc. Averages would be created after subsequent members scores and this would have the effect of smoothing out a very negative (or positive) assessment.

Ideally it would go on a site such as Barney's and the fact that it would be a permanent list available easily might possibly have an effect on suppliers characteristics. Any comments about suppliers on this site disappear quite quickly and have limited use.

Just a thought! mike
m.j. moore

I will recommend two suppliers who DO stand by their quality, and with whom I have NEVER had a problem in getting an issue addressed - in fact I have always been extremely professionally served.

Vote 1: Brown and Gammons
Vote 2: Bob West

and in Switzerland: Fritz Koller, who carries a surprising stock too.
dominic clancy


Have you tried writing a letter? In situations when it is not possible to deal with a company face-to-face, I've found that a well thought out, civil letter is a pretty powerful tool. It's worked to my advantage on a few occasions where phone conversations seem like butting heads against a wall and emails are too easily brushed aside. You may also want to mention that you share your feedback with a large MGA audience. Remember: the important issue is that you paid for a part, it was acknowledged that the part was incorrect, and a significant amount of time has passed and the issue has not been corrected. Even if I had a good relationship with a vendor I would be displeased with this situation.
Mark J Michalak

Gordon back in the mid 80's when I did my coupe I had the same fitting issues with a Moss headliner.They did however take care of the issue.If you end up getting one from them you should check it out when you get it even tho you may not put it in until it's warmer.
gary starr

I have been restoring my Coupe for the last 2 years and have bought everything I can from Cecelia at SF. I have received the best service and the highest quality parts at all times. Most of them are etiher made in the UK or specially made for her. If she can't supply a good item she won't carry it. I've never had to complain or send anything back. I wish I could say the same thing about other suppliers and you all know who they are. I feel it's too bad that Dom had one bad experience and felt it neccessary to criticise Cecelia without giving her the opportunity to either make things right or respond to his comments. We should set a policy that No One should moan about anything or anyone unless they have contacted them first and tried to rectify the problem. It's unfair and unhealthy for our hobby.

Andy Preston

I guess you missed the original post wherein he detailed the SEVEN MONTHS he has spent trying to get this corrected.
David Lieb

Andy, my father and I both had good service from SF too, over a period of 20 or so years, right up until the day when they sent me a poorly made part, refused to acknowledge that there was anything wrong with it, and then refused to either refund my money, or send me a correct part.

Customer service is not the measure of how you are treated when everything goes right. Things happen in any business; service is about making those unintended problems right. Admittedly, it has been a long time since I last ordered from SF, but I have seen nothing to indicate that they have changed their tune, quite the contrary. I'm not interested in getting them to improve, because I remain convinced that the poor attitude comes from the owner of SF. It isn't really even about "getting even" over a $45 part I ordered 14 years ago (and over which they were willing to end a multigenerational customer relationship). The most I can realistically expect to accomplish, is to maybe prevent those few fellow enthusiasts who are willing to listen from repeating these experiences. As for those who aren't interested in what I have to say, I take no offense. Some people have to learn for themselves.
Del Rawlins

Confucius say, "Man who stand with one foot on hot plate and other foot in freezer is on average comfortable".

Cumulative statics for customer satisfaction never tell the whole truth without some serious load factors about how bad the negatives could be. If you see 95% satisfied customers the vendor might look good in the stats, and they may stay in business for a long time dealing with 95% of the customers they haven't screwed over yet. But one serious Awsh** wipes out all Attaboys for life. It's like the murder rate in a big city. Life can go on being wonderful for a long time, maybe, until it happens to you.

We're not talking about personality issues or penny ante parts you could toss in the trash and forget. We're talking about serious money not being returned when the parts are bad, or nonreturnable, or never delivered, or when you may be charged for parts that you didn't order (been there too). This is a serious consequence of an intentional business policy (one that hasn't changed for more than 20 years).

As a customer it is my concern to try to avoid having it happen to me. To that end I would like to see all of the facts laid out in a public venue. I'm sorry to see the original posts deleted, as they seemed entirely factual and not just a personality bitch.

When a vendor treats me in a totally unforgivable manner my first reaction is to tear up their catalog, as I don't have enough time in my life to do business that way. No vendor in the world has any parts that you absolutely cannot do without. My second reaction is to notify my friends about it so they can make their own informed decisions. On the flip side it is nice to be able to receive such information from others (and this BBS is a very good venue to do that).

Trying to figure out how to get the vendor to change their business policy is way down the line and sometimes impossible under any circumstance. For many vendors the only thing that governs their business practice is the bottom line profit margin and economic pressure from the customer base. 95% satisfied customers may seem like good reason for a vendor to continue indefinitely with no change. The other 5% of the customers may see it as the perfect reason not to ever shop there again. I would like to see free exchange of all possible information available so both vendor and customer can make informed decisions (without hiding the dirt). We should never feel obligated to keep silent about seriously bad business practice.
Barney Gaylord

I own a retail optical store and one of my key issues is making sure the client is happy. I can not count the number of times I have had to kiss a-- to please some undeserving client or returned their money,even tho I had to pay for the product. But I can tell you one thing....after 40 years in business there is no one who can critise or say anything disparaging about me or my company. This is not the case in this issue.

You have either had a good/excellent transaction with SF or you have been discarded like garbage on the side of the road. If I was an American, by now my attourney would have addressed this matter with SF. Seems hard but as Barney says...$236.87 US plus $15.00 to return the liner. This is a considerable amount of money spent for no product.

I wish no disrespect to SF but what are the chances that when the new part arrives , this problem won't be re-started all over.

Mark, I have sent 4 faxes and made several phone calls, I have spoken with MS. C twice.

Andy, the headliner was ordered in May/2007,acknowledge by MS.C that it was wrong, return for replacement and I have not seen it since.

This is not personal, this is a BUSINESS TRANSACTION gone wrong.

As there is so much "talk" about this I will repost the details;

Bought the headliner in May 2007....was to be my birthday presemt at the end of June.....started the installation in the middle of July and then realized the headliner was to short....checked the origional and found out that the new liner "loops' were sewn an 1 1/2 in. size and the origional was 1 in. ....compared the rest of the sections which had wrong sizing and all total ended up 3 inches to short.....I contacted Ms.C and was told to return the old one as well as the new one for comparison...this was done early Aug/2007. Ms C. called back to say, the liner WAS TOO SHORT and she would make a new one and have it shipped to me .....and so ends the story....still no liner.


Gordon Harrison

I did give SF every chance to make me a happy customer - she just seemed more interested in trying to rip me off to an inexcusable degree, so I gave up. It is perfectly valid for me to comment on that, and if she hadn't tried it on, I wouldn't be commenting on it. Her attitude was 100% non-customer focused, and I'm a very reasonable guy. I've had very friendly dealings with all manner of suppliers for years, and SF is definitely a unique experience. As I said, you either hate it or love it. Jeff Schlemmer was everything to deal with that SF was not, and his wonderful reputation on this board is a measure of that.

As I kept my comments on a factual basis, perhaps it would be a good idea if comments focused on the issue (laughable return processes / policies at SF) rather than attacking people who you don't agree with.
dominic clancy

I have had no problems with SF although it has been awhile since I ordered from them.

Victoria British, OTOH are a bunch of amateurs that pay little attention to what their customers ask/tell them - and that is first hand experience talking.

Moss are generally good and the people usually want to see you properly served.
Bill Spohn

I'm just amazed that anyone was able to contact the site admin. I tried for over a month and never received a reply. I can't post on this forum most of the time because of a login issue, which is VERY easily fixed, but no joy.
Steve S

I have met and dealt with Cecilia of SF many times over the past 6 to 8 years. I feel that she is different when you speak to her in person, and some of her business policies and decisions can be misinterpreted, ie, it is a translation problem from her New York accent to English! I do not believe she deliberately means to allienate her business with any MGA owners. In fact, I have heard many more stories of help she has provided to MGA owners, than horror stories.
I recognise that some members of this BBS have had a difficult experience, and the current suituation between SF and Gordon with the head liner is unacceptable. However, I would like to hear Cecilia's side of the problem, and ask her to explain why a replacement liner has not been made and sent to Gordon for over a year. I wonder if he has spoken to her directly? If so, what was her suggestion towards resolving this?
P. Tilbury

Several years ago, I was in need of a set of pistons for my XPEG block which finally were available from the Moss catalogue. The order was placed, the pistons arrived, and were delivered to the shop for balancing along with all the other required parts. A call from the shop advised me that the pistons could not be balanced due to the great difference in their weight. A call to Moss advised that I should return them and a second set would be sent to me upon the receipt of the original set. I phoned to let them know they were on their way and was advised that the new set would be carefully checked before shipping. The new set eventually arrived and were delivered to the shop and balanced. I feel that Moss handled the problem in a business like way and issued a credit for the return freight charges as well as there was no charge for the return of the new pistons. The only question in my mind was why the original set was sent out without someone looking at them and noticing the difference in their weight. The major inconvenience for me was I was unable to get the block completed for that season as this all took close to three months to get all the above problems solved. Looking beyond the delay, I feel that Moss did what they could to correct the problem and have always had good service both before and after this incident.
Could someone please tell me who or what " SF " is.
George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

November 28 2007 2:30Pm

In fairness to SF & Ms. C. I am offerring a chance for her to explain to the BBS board members ,what is the situation with her company and customer service.

I have just copied out this whole discussion and faxed a copy of it to SF. Today is Thanksgiving weekend so I would not expect any reaction before Monday.

I would think that upon seeing this BBS that Ms.C. would be stirred to respond to me or this board. I shall wait and see what happens and let everyone know.

Gordon Harrison

George, "SF" is Scarborough Faire in Pawtucket, RI, and "Ms C" is Cecelia Bruce, the owner.
Andy Bounsall

Thank you Andy. I generally try to figure these things out and did not trigger to the threads head line.
G. L. Raham

I am fortunate here in Hertfordshire have always found Brown & Gammons give excellent Service and have used them for Parts and Workshop for 20 years The MGOC is also good for mail order parts as is Peter Edney who although specialising in T Types has fitted a 5 speed to my Coupe -kept to quote and a good job. I find recomendations invaluable when dealing with suppliers, and I found Speedy Cables by asking for recommendations here who reconditioned and recalibrated my speedo superbly
P D Camp

just my experience: I'll never ever order parts from Bob West, will use B&G only if the part needed is nowhere else available, had only very good service from SF and Todd Clarke.


I must say in defense of SF & Cecelia.
I had ordered a complete interior kit for my Coupe in 2001/02 never installed it until 06 had a problem with the headliner trim peaces around the top of the doors & over the windscreen, call and she remade the pieces and I paid the shipping.


It is awful to see someone thrown under the bus , the Christmas spirit is alive and well . Hopefully things work out . The last thing people need is less choices to buy car supplies from . I have been very fortunate this year with customers maybe they have mellowed . We are going to get less Snowbirds here in Florida due to alot of them losing all that money in the stock market . Double the price for anything before the crash would probably be a bargain if you had your money in cash . Give someone a break this Xmas season even if it is your worst enemy . An axe to the head is not allways the best solution but i guess it just feels good sometimes.

Karl LaFollette

Gordon and Don, I ordered my headliner from Cecelia about 2 months ago and she didn't ship it because she found out that they were all too small. I spoke to her at some length about this and she is having new headliners made that are the correct size. I believe the template she used was from an original coupe that had been trimmed after fitting so it was short all round. She told me that mine has been shipped so I trust all will be right. I also purchased a second steering rack from her recently which I didn't think was satisfactory and she took it back with no hesitation and refunded me all my money. Once again I'm sorry for your problems but have always received only the best and most courteous service from SF.

Andy Preston

Could you put a time frame on when you were told the liners were to short....when she said she had shipped your liner and have you finally received it.I was told in August that the liner was wrong. Always remember that my complaint is I have no liner and all communication with SF has stopped. A little client interface would have gone a long way to "calm" my remarks.

Thanks Gordon
Gordon Harrison

I wonder if this is a situation that the British Motor Trade Association could be helpful in. This organization has existed for 7 years, to "promote the British car...." and to "promote business to business collaboration that improves knowledge, quality,....." per the BMTA website. Most of the usual suppliers seem to belong to this, although curiously SF does not, per the current member listing. The BMTA seems to be well founded, with noble goals, but I must say, as an enthusiast who shares many of the problems discussed here, I can't point to any results from the BMTA efforts. What do you say, British Motor Trade Association...?

G Goeppner


John Twist and I founded the BMTA with the goals that you have stated above. SF is not a member.

The BMTA cannot directly affect business policies or make major changes to industry practices--not only would this be extremely difficult given the personalities and competition between businesses, but much of it would be illegal (think about trust busting, etc.).

What we have done is built a much better system of feedback loops between businesses to start to improve relationships and quality--there is much to be done, but more has happened behind the scenes than many people realize. I'll cite a few examples:

1. Many of the manufacturers now go to BMTA member shops with prototype parts and solicit feedback. As a result, many parts have been improved (probably 100s). Considering that there are some 50,000+ parts available, this is a small portion, but again, it's a step in the right direction. Some of the products that have gotten rave reviews in the past few years have goon through this process, and there are more in the works.

1a. As a subnote to the above, I can say that manufacturers have also responded much more quickly to product problems because they can get data from BMTA member shops quickly. An example is the MGB throwout bearing situation from a couple of years ago. Delphi bought Borg and Beck, screwed things up, and changed the throwout bearings. Then they denied there was a problem. The major suppliers got measurements and good/bad parts from shop owners and the problem was solved much more quickly than it would have been in the past.

2. Many shops and some suppliers have changed their customer service practices to be more customer-friendly. It is clear that when we started the BMTA, there was a lot of finger pointing and unfortunately some was back at customers. We've encouraged everyone to listen much more and respond. I think anyone who's regularly used the message boards out there (not just this one) has seen BMTA vendors monitoring, listening, providing advice, etc.. Much of this is the result of encouragement from the BMTA's newsletters, mailings, and conferences.

3. Many BMTA members have gotten into the manufacturing business themselves. Several members have started making just a small number of high-quality parts after learning from other members how small scale manufacturing can be accomplished and marketed.

Trade organizations can only do so much, and I wouldn't call the BMTA an overwhelming success. But I've seen some real differences being made--maybe not enough, or fast enough--but I guess it's better than nothing.

I hope this gives you some idea of what we've been up to.

-Carl Heideman, Eclectic Motorworks
Carl Heideman

Gordon, I ordered the headliner with a lot of other parts about 2 months ago maybe more, and the order arrived showing the headliner on backorder. I followed up a month later and spoke to Cecelia and found out that they were too small and she was having them remade. About 2 weeks ago Cecelia phoned me to tell me the new headliners had arived and that she would be sending mine out. It arrived today. Can't tell if it's going to fit because I'm keeping it in the box for my upholstery to install in about 3 to 4 weeks. Fabric looks good and so do the cant rails and header rails.

Andy Preston

Then there is hope that the near future will see my headliner arrive. I will keep my fingers crossed. BTW, so far there has been NO REPONSE from SF in regard to my faxing them at copy of this BBS article. Once again SF shows a complete disregard for their clients and customer relations. Gordon
Gordon Harrison

A friend of mine is restoring a Coupe and earlier this summer it was time for the headliner installation and we found it was too short. We called SF and Cecelia said she would have them made longer. It sounds like that is what she did! Hope it fits well. Have a good day!

John Progess

Has he received his headliner yet or is he still waiting for it to arrive? Gordon
Gordon Harrison

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, Gordon. I'm quite sure you made their day, and went to the head of the line, when you faxed them a copy of this thread.
Del Rawlins

My friend had his headliner lengthened by sewing more fabric to it, he did not wait for SF to furnish a new headliner. I hope Cecelia is true to her word and has future headliners lengthened. Have a good day!

John Progess

I should have done that but like a trusting fool I returned the new one (short one) and even sent my origional one to SF to be use as a pattern for my new liner. now I have no new liner and no old liner.
Gordon Harrison

Wow. That really sucks. Probably not worth a trip to RI, either. A friend of mine had ordered and paid for some high dollar parts (aircraft) that the company never shipped, and he actually traveled to Canada at his own expense, and showed up at their doorstep demanding his parts. They coughed up some of them, but didn't have a critical piece, so he had to go home empty handed, and to my knowledge he never did get the last item needed to complete his airplane.

At least the part that SF owes me, is readily available from a number of vendors, and I now have the skill to fabricate it on my own if I had to.
Del Rawlins


I'd be tempted to call the police local to SF and see if you can file a report for theft. See if that gets a response! As it's a cross border issue, it also probably counts as mail fraud, so the FBI are also probably worth a shot.

dominic clancy

Gotta love Google:
Del Rawlins

I dont think I have to go that far yet. I am upset but I am a little bit more rational than that....."althought"!!!!!!!

This is just a plain case of Ms.C. ego has now been hurt and it's her idea of who can wait out the other the longest....or she does not have the part to ship....or she just plainly does not intend to ship the part what so ever.

Right now, if it were my shop, I would have made the "BEST POSSIBLE" headliner I could and would have shipped it FedX at my cost ,along with a coupon for a reduction on the next part the client bought from me.

Right now my biggest worry is, if and when the new liner arrives...what will be the quality and fit of it ???????

Del I did think of going down but is just not logical.

Domenic, There is nothing that stops me from "asking" the Pawtucket PD what I should do in this case.


BTW: Did I mention that when the origional new liner arrived it had two PASSENGER DOOR surrounds ,not RT & LF as required and one of them was covered with two pieces of material,so there was a seam. And the seam was not even sewn just glued.

For those of you who doubt that this whole incident is truthfull I invite you to call...fax or email SF and ask them what's up. Maybe that will help me get my liner.
Gordon Harrison

Gentleman: I have learned through my many years on this earth that there is always three sides to ever story - His, hers & the truth ..

After a conversation with Cecelia a week or so back about this post she explained her side of the story.

She also went into great detail about what she has done to resolve the issue so she can provide the best possible product to her customers.

I have done business with Cecelia from time to time over the past thirty plus years and when & if I had a issue she always went the extra mile to resolve it. It didn't always happen in the time frame I may have wanted, but it was resolved..

My option and a quarter won't get you a cup of coffee but I think to continue to slaim Cecelia in this fourm is a bit much, again just my option.

Gordon, Cecelia told me she shipped your new & improved headliner out on November 18th and was willing to provide me with the tracking number. I declined, its none of my business but if I were you I would give her a call and ask her for that information.

I hope you receive your headliner soon and it meets your requirments. I also hope you also provide + or - feedback on the quality of the new liner.

MacKAY - If you want to own a sports car you have to be a sport ...

That's great news except she forgot to to tell me. On the third of November I sent her a fax documenting my attempt to have my cc refunded....informed her of my disappointment and asked for some results.


Now I am told thru a third party that it has been shipped on Nov 18th. SF couldn't let me know first? Well where was it shipped to...why did Ms. C not bother to fax/call or email me the tracking number. How was I to know this if SF did not inform me.

Today I will send another fax to SF asking for my tracking number,and then try and get my new headliner. I hope it ends here.


Gordon Harrison

Human nature might be that It feels better to slam and lambaste someone who cares what the truth is . There are plenty of people to buy parts from . Even though cecelia knows every nut and bolt on an mga screw that knowledge . Hang her from a tree in the town internet square . Put her feet to the fire and starve her family out . Maybe a big mark on the front of her business glass to mark her, hmm that sounds familiar . And forget the pawtucket police get Blackwater in there and eradicate her . MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! I think this thread is not hard enough on her , please someone go down there and kick her ass .
Karl LaFollette

If it was shipped on November 18th you should have got it before American Thanksgiving (Nov 27th), so you had thanks to give. Seems to me it is possibly lost somewhere, but you are right that Ceclilia should have told you if it has in fact been shipped.
P. Tilbury

I found it by sending another fax to SF this morning. A gracious young lady called me to offer the UPS tracking number. I am going to drive down across the border tonight and pick it up. I was just at the border last week (picking up snow tires) and had I know I was also looking for my liner also I could have been spared the trip. Gordon
Gordon Harrison

I have my head liner. Finally I can step away from this mess. Case Closed. It had being sitting at the US border since November 20th and if Mr. Tibury had not let me know it would still be there. 18 days ....if SF had of let me known it had been shipped this posting would have NEVER made it to the BBS. This posting started on November 25th.

To SF: Your communication skills with your clientel are TERRIBLE. Improving that one aspect of your business will go along way to eliminate this sort of "public discussion" in regard sto your company.

Thank you for fulfilling your committment. Gordon
Gordon Harrison

Will you please comment on the fit of the headliner. Hopefully it will have an extra inch of material all around. Have a good day!

John Progess

I received the origional one back also, so just by laying one over the other they appear to match. To say there is excess material (more thatn the origional) the answer would be the width,yes the length..maybe but not much.The loops that were 1 1/2 on the new one are now 1 in like the old ones. I would say from just looking at the unit it should fit properly. I will know when I try to install the liner in May.
Gordon Harrison

A late but happy end.

Karl, there are many suppliers who know every nut and bolt of these cars, and they make their business work by making absolutely sure they are treating customers well, with respect and communicating with them. As an example, I quote Burlen Fuel Systems, who after apparently suffering a break in which relieved them of all their castings for the scrap, still went out of their way to get me pump so that I could get back on the road. It's the SF indifference / contempt to customer care that is a recurring issue here.

I also had a long conversation with Celia when I contemplated buying from SF. (I can't imagine anyone having a short conversation with her - she could represent the USA at the Olympics in that discipline), and it was her attitude that turned me off.

But overall a happy ending, so I leave it here.
dominic clancy

Exactly my point Gordon , we need a Walmart for british parts so we dont have to deal with these types of people . White bread no butter just plain white bread no jam . And if the product is bad we just go right back in and exchange it for another . Burger king have it your way . I to am sick of anyone with a personality just give me a robot that I can mow down and belittle in a suit with a big smiley face and put a slogan on every products box I buy saying that the guarantee fairy is gonna let me sleep at night knowing i can return it no questions asked .
Karl LaFollette

The foundation on which I built my business is exceptional customer of the primary keys to success in this comeptitive world and that means looking after the customer from A to Z
PN Habib

For the record here is the UPS Tracking number. 1Z0365730393768230
Gordon Harrison

Gordon, Quote: I have my head liner. Finally I can step away from this mess. Then a few days later you post For the record here is the UPS Tracking number. 1Z0365730393768230 - Who cares about your tracking number ?

Lets be a big boy and move on, Let it go !


To show that if SF had informed me that the pkg had been shipped on the 20 Nov then my first post on Nov 26 would have never been made and this subject would never have been made public.

Gordon Harrison

I hope it is worth all the hassle.
Del Rawlins

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