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MG MGA - Changing crankshaft pulley

In the process of a 1622 engine strip-down, and the original crank pulley has seen better days. Whilst I can buy a new one, can I upgrade to a harmonic balancer type as used on the MGB?....what model MGB one will fit the MGA?
Gary Lock

Try Romac

Mike Ellsmore

Any B-series front pulley will fit the crankshaft. The differences are in the timing chain cover seal. Providing you get a matched pair they will all work. Do be careful of the 18v engine pulley. It is the same thickness as a stamped pulley but a much larger diameter (6 1/4" IIRC).
The pulley works fine but you will overspeed the ancillaries unless you fit larger pulleys to the water pump and dynamo.

Paddy Reardon

Andy Jennings (Advertiser on this site) sells the harmonic dampers ones for 15GBP, he would probably have the matching timing cover too

dominic clancy

It is only the post 75 ( rubber bumper cars ) 18 V engines that had the larger crank pulley - earlier 18V engines had the same pulley as the 18 G series engines.

Any cover will work with any pulley - it is just the timing pointer that varies and a new marker can be cut on the pulley to match the TDC pointer on the cover you have.
Chris at Octarine Services

The early MKIIs had the felt type oil seal timing cover. At some point in the production run they switched to the style that continued with the MGB which uses an improved spring type oil seal. You can fit an MGB from an 18G-GA timing cover to slow down the oil leak. I did on my MKII and it helped. Moss sells a Harmonic Crank pulley for the A. #433-707. If you are going to change covers it is worth examining the condition of the timing chain and tensioner while you are in there.
Keith Lowman

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