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MG MGA - channel tunnel

Will I need to put the hood upto avoid being gassed by exhaust fumes?
H L Davy

HL is that a serious or tongue in cheek question?

You drive into a two floor train carriage and switch off the engine. You sit in the car or stand outside for the 22 miles, then start up the engine and drive off at the other end.

Steve Gyles

In fact they tell you to open your window when you are on the train!
Graham V

In the Gotthard, the tunnel is pretty horrible even in a closed car, I hate to think what it would be like in a roadster even with the hood up. I always drive over the top, which is really spectacular.

Bit tricky for the Channel Tunnel, although I seem to remember that the Top Gear team managed it !
dominic clancy

In the Whittier Tunnel near Anchorage, they made us put up our tops to protect us from falling rocks...
k v morton

Exiting the long climb out of the 3.4 km City Link Burnley Tunnel on the Monash Freeway (Melbourne Australia) is music to the ears in an MGA roadster, even if the truck exhaust are pretty thick.
Mike Ellsmore

Been through the Chunnel umpteen times in a B and our F VVC.Absolutely brilliant and hating boats it's the only way to go.I tend to stand out of the car for 35 mins as it rests de bum if you've done or got a long drive to go.Done the St Gotthard in th F and even with the hood up and heater off it did start to stink of fumes in there about 3/4 way through.
M Blencowe

The thing that gets to me driving through highway tunnels is not the exhaust, but the noise! Hasn't anyone ever thought of putting sound-absorbing material in tunnels? I come out the other end feeling like I've been to a Ted Nugent concert.
David Breneman

The tunnels in Boston have developed a tendency to drop things on your head - like ceiling panels or light fixtures - so best drive here with the hood up!

AJ Mail

As has been said - you don't actually drive through the Chunnel just sit on the train with the engine off.
I remember driving through the Frejous Tunnel between France and Italy hood down interesting pressure waves on the ears but the most worrying part was probably the kit bouncing on the truck in front!
Dan Smithers

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