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MG MGA - Charging with a Battery Tender

I use a Battery Tender hooked up to the battery cable at the starter solenoid,then ground on a spark plug. Since I have the bonnet up all the time for easy access to the engine while in the garage this connection/charging point works well for me. I am using the spring clips on the charger to make the connections. However I would like to use the permanent connectors. One to the hot wire on the starter solenoid, the ground to a bolt for the coil mount.
If you are familiar with the Battery Tender and are aware that the inline fuse is on the plus side (red) of the wire, what are your thoughts to this set up?
My car is positive ground.

I would like to hear if others have a better charging point.

Thanks Ray
Ray Ammeter

I use the permanent live terminal of the fuse box, and the heater flap cable trunnion as ground

Dominic Clancy

If you're worried about which wire the fuse is in, don't be. It will still blow if there is a problem.
Dave O'Neill 2

A common mod down our way is to put a post on the hot side of the starter switch using a piece of copper tube (1/2" od) about 2" long. Slip a piece of garden hose over it when not in use to insulate. Ideal for jump starting or battery charging when the bonnet is open.

Mike Ellsmore

See my schematic. I have installed a socket in the wooden bulkhead behind the seat. It is connected directly to the battery. I simply attach my charger/conditioner and forget all about it. I would add that it is an old schematic and I have since changed the socket to a cigarette version so it doubles up for mob charging etc by using a USB plugin.


Steve Gyles

Thanks everyone. Each one does it a bit differently. I will stay with my first thought. Dave, good to know the fuse will function either way.

Ray Ammeter

This thread was discussed on 14/09/2017

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