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MG MGA - Chassis Plates

Should an original chassis plate numbers be stamped from the front or from the back. Raised or indented? I have seen both but what is correct. Thanks Roy
R Mcknight

engine number plates were originally stamped from the back, raised letters.

Car No; plates were variously engraved AND stamped from the front, changing considerably with time of production.
Barney Gaylord

A few years ago I obtained an authentic car identification plate from here I don't know whether he still has them but it migh be worth a try. I think they are as close to the originals as you will get.
Lindsay Sampford


That was Serge who made them, and as he still pops up from time to time, see him a mail at the link on his site
dominic clancy

I too bought one from Serge and was very pleased with it. The only complaint I've had about it is that the numbers are lined up too well compared to the factory ones which were stamped them by hand. Otherwise, an excellent replacement.
Larry Wheeler

Serge's plates are excellent. However, the stamps he uses are not the same as the original. For example the 3 is quite a different shape. For "perfection" get a Serge plate and get Todd Clark to stamp!


John Francis

How can i contact Todd Clark?
R Mcknight


I just got a quantity of unobtanium from Todd, great prices, great service and fast.
Phone and email are there

B Bridgens

All I can say to this thread is

Don't do it.

If you have the original plate, leave it alone.

Restoring MGA's should not include restoring the VIN plate, as this bring the car into disrepute, as they are very easy to spot.

Obviously if you don't have one, then you need something but itís pointless in making the copy look authentic.

0.02p worth..
Mark Hester

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