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MG MGA - Chickens r'us

Saw this one on Facebook last night and just had to share it here. Don't know where the picture was taken, but I think it's safe to say that it wasn't at Pebble Beach :-)

Rutger Booy

Whoever did that to that car probably would paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

That makes me cringe, I'm glad I didn't see it in person, I might not have been able to keep my mouth shut.
Larry Wheeler

Beverly Hillbillys sports car!
Steven Devine

Well that explains a few things!

When I first looked at buying an MGA I was told that it would be a "real chick magnet!"

I think I mis-understood slightly!

Serves me right!

Colyn Firth

I don't know, but I would suspect that the car was getting ready for a restoration, but was still driveable... I'm willing to give him a little slack on this...Just having fun.
Edward Wesson 52TD

The picture was taken Saturday at the John Twist/University Motors Summer Party in Grand Rapids, Michigan

I tend to agree with Edward, looks like a bit of "chain yanking" or "taking the p**s", as we say!
Neil McG

Are they "Old Speckled Hens"?
Art Pearse

Looks like someone who owns an MGA but secretly desires an old American pickup truck!
Steve Simmons

I wonder if there is a conversation to be had about ...

MGAs that are loved and roadworthy originals


MGAs that are polished, purchased reconstructions ?

(I'll get my coat)
D Brown

I'll bite... there are too many polished MGA's and only one chicken :-)))

Rutger Booy

What we should see is more loved, roadworthy cars on the road. All too few only show-up for shows; the MGA is a work of art, but it is primarily a CAR.
David Werblow

The MGA was a car of its time and has stood the test of time that can live with todays traffic ! this highlights the design quality, it needs to be driven! and that is where you will get the reward of restoring owning and maintaining these cars , find a challenging road they are out there , and play ! and you can do this with an MGA and still keep your licence, you dont explore the car taking it to a shiny show
c daly

Havent seen that particular dish in a long while,

it used to be my favourite pub meal.

They called it "Chicken in a Basket"

Looks a little undercooked for my taste though! :-)
Colyn Firth

I can't quite make out whether it's a chicken or a turkey, But I'll bet it drives well.
A stock MGA can see off most current 1 1/2 litre petrol engine cars. Mind you, it takes carefully set tyre pressures to get the best out of the roadholding. The aftermarket chicken coop will help the back hang out a bit.
D Brown

Looks like some of the cars (not MGs) we see at our Walmart car shows here in the Appalacian mountains, right Edward?
Joe Wiley

Erm, are those the angled SUs of a V8 peeping out of a hole in the bonnet - if so then I guess the owner gets some amusement out of out dragging some of the shiny 1500s ....
Chris at Octarine Services

I owned this car for about ten years. I saw it setting along side the road in Pennsylvania and bought it for a future project. I met Lloyd on a trip to Ireland two years ago and he said he was looking for a cheep A for a project. I told him I had three in his price range and about six months latter he called and said he was coming in to look at the cars. He bought that one and took it home. I do not think he did much to the outside of the car but he did a lot of work to get it running. I think the engine was completely apart and the car had not run for ten years before I got it. Looks to me like he is having fun with the car.
GK George


I think the subject of this thread is also going cheep.

Steve Gyles


I can't believe anyone could do this to a roadster.......

Surely, it should have been a 'coupe'!

Sorry, couldn't resist it.

Chris Bond

Art Pearse

This moght just be the latest "barn find"!

I love it actually. This guy has a bit of humor about it. So long as he drove it there and did not trailer it, I see nothing wrong. I have seen a "T" series car done up in plaid with signs posted all over it saying "Touch Me". What is the difference?

Chuck Schaefer

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