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MG MGA - Choke cable for Weber DCOE

Any other DCOE users out there who can tell me where I can get a suitable choke cable?
I had to modify ( should read "bodge" 😁) my old SU choke cable to make it long enough to fit the Weber.
It needs to be about 4" or 5" longer to make it fit correctly.
Colyn Firth

Colin, why do you need a choke cable - I find a couple of pumps which activates the accelerator pumps does just as well. Our midget has the choke blanked off and starts no problem.
d brenchley

Have a look in the Moss Europe Components catalogue - it gives the lengths of most things like that as well as good pictures of the relevant knobs. As it uses the standard part numbers from the rest of the Moss range, it's easy to cross reference to the standard cable and then pick a longer one

Dominic Clancy

Thanks Dominic
I will have to give Moss a call to see what they have.

d, I have tried to start my car from cold just using the accelerator pump but it struggles a little.
But it always starts with the choke and so I think I will stick with it for now until I perfect the technique.
Colyn Firth

I had one fitted to an MGB once. I just bought a generic cable of the right length from a local auto supplier and mounted it to the bottom of the dash.
A Bowie

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