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MG MGA - Choke Cam

I lost the pivot bolt from the choke cam, and I'm not sure how that assembly should go together.

I've bought the bolt, and a strange wriggly spring washer, but when the bolt bottoms in its hole, the wriggly washer (under the bolt head) compresses almost fully and makes everything fairly tight, so that I'm not sure the cam will return easily.

Have I got it right?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Nick, It could be your bolt is out of spec. and the shoulder length is too short.
As my carbs. are on the bench I've measured my bolt as follows:-
Overall bolt length = 0.762"
Head thickness = 0.143"
Shoulder length = 0.267"

If it is out of spec. then I would return it and get one from Burlen.

If your bolt is OK then I guess its the spring...............Mike

Mike Moore

Thanks, Mike.
I will dismantle again and measure. I think you may be right: I should have bought from a better source.
Nick and Cherry Scoop


I am confused. I don't have a bolt anything like that on my choke assembly. Where exactly is it supposed to go?

Steve Gyles

It's actually the pivot for the fast-running cam, Steve. The pivot bolt on mine screws into the rear face of the front carb body.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Steve Gyles

After a spring/summer of driving, and having to get out, lift the bonnet and return the cam by hand when the engine's warmed up, I've got to replace the water pump, so the old car's in the garage with his nose raised and the radiator out, and now at last we come to it.

Naturally I fumbled the removal of the bolt and washer, and dropped them. They fell onto the sticky chassis rail, just by the engine mounting bracket, and guess what?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Moss's blow up shows a washer behind the cam. Maybe that will help to keep it from binding.

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