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MG MGA - Chrome Bits

I need to get some relatively minor chrome bits. Bumper outriders and headlight rings.

I know Scarborough Faire is supposed to have good front grills, but are they any different than Moss for the other bits?

Thanks as always,

Tysen McCarthy

Hi Tyson
Repro bumpers are not the same quality/shape as originals here in the UK. My originals were too far gone. I bought an old set off ebay and had them rechromed. They look far superior to the new ones. I believe headlamp rims were originally brass, but now are steel again if you can find an old pair and rechrome they will last longer. I also think there are slightly different sizes. So you may need to check whether they fit your headlamp bowls before plating.
Just my thoughts
Brian Paddon

Hi Tysen

Both I and Gary Lock have had experience of the SF headlamp rims.

They come with a leaflet that announces that they are intentionally smaller than the originals so they fit the MGB RB cars better, but they don't fit the MGA standard headlight bowls (the ID of the rims is actually smaller than the OD of the bowls). And of course with SF there's no sending stuff back for a refund.

NOS locators on eBay is also SF, there's no mention of the size issue in their listing, which is where I was stung. At least with eBay you have a good chance of getting your money back!

Steer clear too of the grilles from the Jaguar guy / Jorge if he is still sround


Dominic Clancy

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