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MG MGA - chrome plater

Can anyone recommend a chrome plater in the the Toronto, Canada area who would do a quality job on a radiator shroud and at a reasonable price?
Phil Atrill

Not quite Toronto, but close enough I suppose...Cambridge Custom Chrome in Cambridge, Ont. They do excellent work. I had my windscreen frame done two years ago and am delighted with the results.
Andy Bounsall

Andy, do you recall what the windshield frame cost. I might also want to include that in the job.
Phil Atrill

Cost can vary a great deal depending on what shape the parts are in and how much restorative work is reuquired before they actualy plate the parts. I had the frame, posts, and grab handles done. They were in fair condition to start with. I think the total was around $600 to $700.
Andy Bounsall

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