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MG MGA - Chrome wire wheel cleaning

Does anyone know of a great product that would make cleaning of chrome wire wheels easier? My fingers have just about had it; especially on my e-type's spokes. In the last 15 years, I know I've tried at least 25 different products to no avail.
Dennis Suski

British Wire Wheel sells a one step cleaner which is a mild phosphoric acid. It works very well but you have to be careful and follow the instructions. I only use it if the wheels are really dirty like after a run in the rain. It does make them sparkle! Have a good day!

John Progess

A pressure washer ?

dominic clancy

Both of the above combined with a blow dry from a leaf blower. Mothers & McGuires both make acid based chrome wire wheel cleaner.
D Sjostrom

If you don't clean your chrome wire wheels, then they'll look like painted ones, which is the correct wheels for an MGA anyway.
David werblow

Dennis, I also use the spray on cleaner from British Wire Wheel. It works great but I only leave it on about 1 minute and then hose it off, followed by a quick brush with soapy water. I dry them very carefully with a towel and compressed air. They come up great every time.

Andy Preston

Try the archives on this site with the words "wire, wheel, cleaning". There has been some good suggestions in the past.
Mike Ellsmore (1)

I would steer clear of using a pressure washer. You would likely end up with water between the tube and the tire as well as hubs full of water. As nothing is sealed ion the spokes the water will be blown thru the holes for the nipples and the spoke ends.
J Heisenfeldt

If the wheels are from British Wire, they are TUBLESS. I use the cleaner from them but I go to Harbor Frieght and buy 3 or 4 inch paint brushes. These work great to clean between the spokes and is easy on the hands.. I sometime use engine degreager first if there is a lot of grease.

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