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MG MGA - Clanking Noise From The Rear

Hi Chaps, Anyone experienced a muted clanking noise from somewhere in the rear suspension etc when going over deep potholes and big bumps? So far I have taken off the rear shock absorbers and links and tested these - all OK, and have inspected the UJs on the propshaft and the security of the exhaust. There was nothing obviously loose enough to bang against other bits except the handbrake cable and that is now firmly secured using cable ties etc. I a am now at a bit of a loss as to what to do next, other than turn a deaf ear. Any ideas? Thanks, AB
A Bennett


Possibly a silly question but is there anything loose in the boot that could bounce around? Spare wheel secured? Fuel tank straps tight?

Steve Gyles

And is the battery securely tied down
dominic clancy

Had a loud clunk in the rear when over bumps, and discovered a small white rock that we had picked up at Lake Garda in Italy had come loose from its packing, and was hitting the side of the boot. The rock is now safetly home in Australia!
Gary Lock

Rear suspension bushings?
Bayard DeNoie

Do you have wire wheels? Possible wear in the wheel to hub splines, although a "clank" sound would indicate a very bad worn condition....?
George G.

When I had the same "clonk" when I rode over a pothole, it turned out to be the fuel tank straps that were failing allowing the tank to move around.

c firth

Turn the radio up higher!
Barry Gannon

U bolts on the axle. 1/16" movement will make a clunk.

Are the shock bolt holes in the frame worn to an oval shape?

Loose brake shoes, broken spring?

Many thanks - lots of useful tips here that I will investigate when it's warm enough to get under the car again. I don't think it's wear-related, since the car has done very few miles since a complete rebuild by Oselli, but lots of other things to investigate. If I find the definitive answer I will report back! Cheers, AB
A Bennett

Another possibility that I have experienced is having a wheel nut, presumably not correctly tightened, coming off and rattling around in the hub cap.

Paul Dean

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