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MG MGA - Cleaning Carburettors

Through my website I have been contacted by a very nice gentleman in Adelaide, Australia who is working to get his car back on the road after a 30 year lay-up. He has owned the car since the late 60s, so it is fairly original I think. He needs lots of information and I have suggested to him to post on this forum. I have asked him to read this post, so we may be hearing from him soon.

He is currently working on the brakes and wiring. One question he has asked is how to get his very dull carbs back to a clean (sparkling?) condition.

All advice will be welcomed.


Steve Gyles

Steve / "Nice gentleman in Adelaide,"

I bought a grotty pair of carbs (cheap pair of HS6 for an upgrade). I gave them to a mate of my dad's who had a ball bearing tank. After leaving them in there for a while, they came out nicely polished, as it is a gentle polishing method. Not sure how it works, but I think the tank is vibrated and the ball bearings do all the hard work.

Perhaps not "brand new" shiny, but definitiely shiny and more than passable under a close inspection.

So if you can find a fabricator or someone similar who might have a ball bearing tank, that should do the job.

Good luck,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

This thread was discussed on 26/03/2009

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