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MG MGA - Clutch adjustment

Before refitting the clutch, I looked in the WSM for any checks to do. They talk about aligning the release levers /plate to be parallel to the flywheel using the "gauge plate" . I suspect not many mechanics have that, inc me. What is next best? I can check with a straight edge and depth gauge that the pressure plate is an even depth below the clutch housing and adjust the spring screws accordingly. I have never driven this car. The plates all look reasonable and enough lining left.
Art Pearse

Don't touch it!
That info is from when mechanics actually rebuilt clutches, no more. If it was right when assembled, it doesn't change except by wear or warpage of parts, neither of which is fixed by adjustment. When it's all bolted together, the levers should be at equal height - if not, buy a clutch assembly.

Fletcher R Millmore

I didn't realize there is a front and back to the clutch plate. It looked to me that it could go in either way. Wrong. 50/50 chance of getting it right. Murphy won. Don't make the same mistake.


The Workshop Manual clearly shows which way the plate is fitted. In the attached image distance A is greater than distance B.


M F Anderson

It will also be very clearly marked with "Flywheel Side"on the disc to encourage you in your decision which way up.
dominic clancy

Thanks all. I will stick it back in as it came out. I know about the right way for the driven plate.
Art Pearse

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