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MG MGA - Clutch alignment

Where can I get hold of a clutch alignment tool? Or do I have to make one?
Art Pearse

You can order one from Moss, you may be able to get the correct one from a local auto parts house or you can use an old first motion shaft if you have one. Have a good day!

John Progess

Hi Art. The input shaft from a 1970's Volvo 140 series transmission works perfectly. Not that you will have one in your back pocket, but a wrecking yard might, lol. I was surprised to find the input spigot shaft diameter and splines to be identical to the MGA (10 spline MGA transmission) Cheers, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

A dowel and duct tape always worked for me. If you order a tool, make sure you get the right tool as the clutch plate spline changed during the MKII build I believe.
Chuck Schaefer

Any one have good instructions on how to use the small plastic clutch alignment "tools" and then how to mate the trans to the engine
Chris Velardi

Hi Glenn. You might be surprised what I have in my back pocket, but alas no 140 shaft. My DD is however a 740. Chuck, can you explain the dowel & duct tape? Is it a 5/8 dowel to fit the spigot, then built up with tape to the ID of the plate splines?
Chris, you put the tool in the spigot bush, then the plate over the tool, then the pressure plate assembly is bolted on to hold the friction plate. Tool is then withdrawn and the holes are aligned for putting the transmission on.
Art Pearse

Pretty much you got it. I can't remember the size required for the spigot but maybe 5/8" is right. Keeping the duct tape tight, wrinkle free and at an even tension while wrapping is the key. Over the years, I've used this on a Spit, Ford Econoline, and 2 MGA's. Of course, if you've got the tool then use it. But if you're ready to put thinkgs together and you haven't got the proper tool, then improvise. It is not like you can destroy anything by trying. Either you'll get things close enough for everything to fit, or you won't.
Chuck Schaefer

Art, I am with Chuck on this one, I have aligned clutches with pipe stock wrapped in tape and never had an issue.
A friend does it by eye but I am less confident of this method!!

Neil Purves

Knowing Chuck, I am sure that his method worked great but the alignment tool is only about $5.00 US. There were two different spline counts used in MGAs. 10 spline and 23 spline (on later cars). Check your input shaft and you will know which to get.
Keith Lowman

Chris, the process should be covered well in most service manuals, but here's the short course. Use the alignment tool to make sure the clutch disc is perfectly centered with the spigot bushing and then with the tool still installed bolt on the pressure plate. That will hold the clutch disc it place once it's tight. Then remove the alignment tool and install the transmission to the engine. In order to get the splines on the transmission input shaft to line up you'll probably have to rotate the transmission a bit, either put it in gear and rotate the entire unit or with it in gear turn the output shaft slowly while applying slight pressure on the transmission towards the engine. When the splines match the transmission will slide right up to the block surface and you can install the bolts.

Bill Young

I was just playing around and found that a) the old spigot bush is an exact fit inside the (10 spline) friction plate and b) a 1/2" rigid copper pipe (5/8 OD) fits inside the old spigot bush. So, take a piece of 1/2" copper pipe, place the old spigot bush over it and you have a tool! Maybe for the new bush you might have to emery off a couple of thou from the pipe.
Art Pearse

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