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MG MGA - Clutch Change?

I have a type 9 gearbox fitted to a five bearing 1800 engine of unknown year and im reasonably sure that the PO had some kind of competition clutch fitted leaving a very heavy peddle that I have lived with for 2 years but dont like, I intend to fit a standard clutch hoping that it may result in a more pleasant driving experience. My question may sound daft but, witch clutch should I be buying, I presume it is mgb but im not sure, also any advise on the best way to go about the job would be helpful, i.e. is it better to remove the tunnel etc, thank you for any help, Vin
Vin Rafter

Hi Vin did you get your front bumpers sorted

g c pugh

I recon you should first pull the engine to see what type of clutch you currently have. If it has an MGB diaphragm type clutch in in place, I would certainly recommend staying with the MGB clutch.

In the mid 90's I ran a MGB competition pressure plate. Indeed it did have heavier pedal pressure requirement, maybe 30% to 50% more pedal force. It took me a few days to get used to it, after which I was okay, but other people driving my car would be bothered by it. I managed to wear out about four sets of race tires and at least one set of street radial tires in three years and 55,000 miles (and replaced a few u-joints in the prop shaft) while the clutch friction disc accrued virtually no wear at all. It's final demise came when the friction material worked loose from the rivets, and the release thrust ring in the center of the pressure plate got loose.

After that I switch to a standard MGB pressure plate and friction disc. It can still squeak the street tires in 2nd gear, but not in 3rd gear (as it could do with the competition clutch). Clutch wear is minimal even with some competition use. I very much like the standard MGB clutch in the MGA.
Barney Gaylord

Because the clutch plate has to fit onto the Ford gearbox splines it is not the standard MGA item. A new plate is supplied as part of the Peter Gamble kit. It could be worth a phone call to find out which he uses/recommends.
Malcolm Asquith

Vin, if you do find out the answer from Peter, could you post it on this site please? would be handy to know for future reference.
Gary Lock

The Hi-gear kit includes the driven or friction plate to match the splines.

It is the pressure plate that Vin wants to change. That will depend on your flywheel and release bearing type, and is not part of the kit.

Hi-gear provides the pivot for MGB and MGA, you specify when you order the kit. They can also provide an MGB type pivot arm to use the MGB clutch on MGA. They re-manufactured this part as so many people wanted the MGB clutch in their MGA.

Neil McGurk

I run a standard MGB clutch and friction plate with my 1800 and Type 9. Works fine. Much smoother clutch than the MGA version. Hardly any discernible wear after 10 years, but I changed the friction plate anyway when I had the engine out 3 months ago.

Steve Gyles

Gordon, the bunper has moved a little down the list at the moment, I spent the money on a new set of tyres but I will get to it, cheers, Vin
Vin Rafter

I must admit to being a little confused, Malcolm is saying that the splines are different while Steve says he is using an MGB plate, is it possible that there are different 5 speed conversions; I think it may be best to strip it down and see what’s in there although im still not sure if I can drop the gearbox with the engine in situ, Vin
Vin Rafter


Sorry, too long ago to remember the detail of the installation. I presume Neil has it right. All I know is that I have a standard MGB assembly.

Did you get your Tyres from Bob and get them balanced there?

Steve Gyles

Steve, yes I did go to bob west and im very pleased with the result, balance is spot on, yhanks for the advise, Vin
Vin Rafter

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