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MG MGA - Clutch engages just off the floor.

The clutch on my 62 roadster engages right off the floor so I must have my foot on the floor before changing gears. My Coupe has a bit more distance off the floor before it engages. My engine is a 1967 5 main 1800 using an A transmission and I am not which clutch is used. Can this be adjusted? Thanks and have a good day!

John Progess

I have the opposite scenario, the clutch engages/disengages right off the top. I'm also interested to know how this is adjusted. My feeling is it has to do with the rod that pushes on the master cylinder, but I'll wait for others to advise.
S Jackson

One possibility is that you have air in the lines and it is taking a full stroke to engage/disengage. See the Moss You-Tube video/trick on bleeding the system to get the last few bubbles out of the slave.
I put mine in gear and on a ramp and it starts to roll down about an inch into travel.

SJS Steinhauer

John, as S Jackson says, check the free play on the master cylinder push rod first, about 10 thou clearance between the push rod and the master cylinder piston is enough. Has your clutch always been that way or has it got to be like that over a period of time? If the former, you have air in the system as Scott says, If the latter, I would say that your slave cylinder is on it's way out, in which case you will be losing some brake fluid from it. If you are not losing fluid, then your master cylinder needs some attention.
I normally bleed the clutch hydraulics by simply pushing the slave cylinder push rod towards the cylinder as far as you can by hand and letting it come back out naturally, repeating this operation about three times, job done! No opening of the bleed nipple or pumping the clutch pedal; works every time for me.
Lindsay Sampford

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