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MG MGA - clutch-flywheel bolts

Are there "split-washers" on the bolts that hold the clutch to the flywheel? (At 35-to 40 foot/pounds)! thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Yes, Item 16 in the Service Parts List (image attached).


M F Anderson

Be careful about the torque rating, I started winding my bolts to this level of torque and they started to go plastic so I settled for something less. Depending on your bolt spec (if they're 8.8 or not) I would try a trial torque setting into a spare housing and check.
J H Cole

Error in WSM.
That listing is for crank/flywheel.
Clutch/flywheel is 25lbft. (listed correctly!)

Barney has it described.

FR Millmore

Thanks to all. Barney says the 25 is wrong and 35-40 is correct? Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

The torque spec's in the workshop manual are correct, but the wording on one line is wrong:

Clutch assembly to flywheel = 25 lb. ft. (3.46 kg. m.)
Clutch to flywheel bolts = 35 to 40 lb. ft. (4.8 to 5.5 kg. m.)

That second line should read:
Flywheel to crankshaft bolts = 35 to 40 lb. ft. (4.8 to 5.5 kg. m.)
Barney Gaylord

I can confirm that 40 lbs will shear brand new bolts on the clutch to flywheel!!! LUCKILY, I thought there were a few too many turns and that I should have hit 35 ft-lbs well before where I was at. I got a 1/4 of a turn back before one sheared. I was able to use a punch to rotate it out (thank the universe for ductile fracture of steel!).

Also, if you did wind up torquing anywhere near the 35-40 ft-lb mark, check the condition of those split washers. 35-40 ft-lbs were turning mine into pancake washers quite rapidly!

We finally decided 25 ft/lb must have been enough.... Amazing what the arrangement of words can do. The pen is mightier? Much more so than the torque wrench!
J DeRienzo

a bolt is not held by a split washer but the torque it was fastened


Spot on, Siggi.

It is nice to have a little insurance to keep those bolts in there should something happen, like vibration in excess of design or a torque wrench that might have gone out of spec.
J DeRienzo

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