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MG MGA - Clutch grease

No, I'm not going to grease the clutch face. When I opened the clutch plate box there was/is a small plastic "pouch" of lubricant included. Can I surmise that it is for the pilot/spigot bushing in the crankshaft? Thanks again, Tom
Thomas McNamara

That's for greasing the splines on the shaft.

F. Camilleri

Thanks Frank, after opening the "pouch" I realized it was grease, not oil. Regards, Tom
Thomas McNamara

If it's grease, it's for lubing the muffler bearings, If it's oil, use it to top up the blinker fluid!

L Wheeler

You have been on these forums too long! When is your wife's birthday present (of 2 or 3 years ago) going to be ready to be driven on the road?
P. Tilbury

Hi Peter,

The engine and frame are complete and I have farmed out the body work, so I'm waiting on dogleg replacement and paint. Hopefully, the body will be done by the end of the year or thereabouts and I can spend the next few months getting the wiring and interior done.

I'm shooting for a first drive in April. Weather permitting, I might even need to take a trip up north to Canada!

L Wheeler

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