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MG MGA - clutch judder when hot

Occasionally after lots of low speed manoeuvring my car starts to develop some clutch judder.

The car is fitted with an MGB clutch and I'm using Silicone fluid in the system. It does not exhibit this problem at any other time other than lots of slow speed work.

It happened yesterday while working my way through slow speed traffic at the Silverstone Classic, and last time it happened was at the MG live event back in 2012.

Any thoughts?

J Bray

Usually it's a worn spigot bushing in the crankshaft, allowing the gearbox shaft to orbit slightly. That makes a nasty growling noise with vibration. Sometimes (rarely) it could be work splines in the clutch disc with same effect.

A few drops of oil on the clutch disc might do it, but it depends on the disc friction material. Hydraulic fluid never gets in there, so type of hydraulic fluid is irrelevant. You could try some brake cleaner on the friction surfaces, but you may have to remove the starter motor and have a helper hold the clutch down to get the cleaner fluid into the disc area.
Barney Gaylord


I suffered something similar, albeit with my Type 9 box and MGB clutch. I found a worn bush in the clutch release arm caused the release bearing to run off centre. See picture.


Steve Gyles

This thread was discussed on 28/07/2013

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