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MG MGA - Clutch noise

I seem to have the opposite problem as a previous post. I am experiencing a rather distinguishable squeak while my foot is off the clutch. I am running a new Moss clutch/bearing with an 18GB lighter flywheel in a 1600. The clutch has less than 4000 miles on it and ran fine in another engine I had it in with a 1500 flywheel. I also replaced the bronze bushing during the transplant. It seems to operate fine except for chattering in reverse and that dam squeak. The squeak goes away if I apply a little pressure to the peddle. Comments welcome!

WMR Bill

I'm impressed!
Dennis Suski

Me too
nice garage!!!!!
Kris Sorensen

"The squeak goes away if I apply a little pressure to the peddle. "
Classic throw-out (ball) bearing symptom. Never heard one squeak though, usually they make kind of a rumble noise. Just curious, what was the style of the bearing you installed? Carbon faced or ball bearing?
G T Foster

It was the carbon sold by Moss. It's quite odd in that it worked fine in my first engine with very few miles on it. I even tried a kit that pulls the rod to the slave cylinder back.
WMR Bill

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