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MG MGA - clutch on way out?

My clutch has done 35,000 miles and over the last 6 months has started to 'grab' at the flywheel. It used to slip a little on acceleration from rest but now it hardly slips at all making driving a little jerky. The clutch pedal is almost out when changing gears. I was expecting to find more typical signs of clutch slip when the clutch starts to wear out but this effect of 'no slip' has suprised me.
Is there a explanation for this effect or has anyone else met with it? I'm more or less reconcilied to replacing the clutch that I'm plnning to do with an MGB clutch plus ancillaries.
With Thanks
J H Cole

Could be that the thrust bearing is down to limits. Or perhaps the clutch plate has worn down to the rivets. Sounds like time to change the lot as soon as possible.

Steve Gyles

I have made some release bearings that are a direct swop for carbon thrust bearings on 1098 Sprites and midgets, when people have asked. I am led to believe that the 1098 is the same as the MGA release bearing.

Alan Anstead

not the same, MGA is GRB103, Midget 1098 GRB101
Dominic Clancy

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