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MG MGA - Clutch pedal travel

I let someone drive my MGA recently and one of the comments was the large amount of clutch pedal travel. I think I've just got used to the travel and never questioned it but I did re bleed the clutch as a result without any change. After putting the pedal down to the floor to change gear it has to go almost all the way back before re-engaging. Is this normal or symptomatic of wear somewhere? I've checked the push rod and there's only a small amount of slack.
J H Cole

The "extra" travel is normal. With the hydraulic release system of the MGA, it is not necessary to take out a lot of mechanical slack from the system. As a result, as you depress the clutch pedal, you will quickly feel the point of increasing resistance. on a properly adjusted and working system, it is very near the relaxed position of the pedal. It is only necessary to depress the pedal about 3/4" beyond that resistance to release the clutch plate. If you continue pressing to the full extension of the pedal, it is doing nothing and is wasted motion.

Situation normal.
Chuck Schaefer

I'd say it's normal for the pedal to need to return before re-engaging, but you shouldn't need more than an inch or so to disengage. Once the clutch is disengaged, if you just hold the pedal still does it remain disengaged? Have someone watch the slave cylinder movement. It should begin to move as soon as you start moving the clutch pedal. You may want try power bleeding (ez bleed or such). Check for wear in the release arm pin and pivot. Barring that, it's probably time for new seals.

After seeing Chuck's post, I'll add that I'm "assuming" you had to push it near to the floor to get a release.
G T Foster

Free play of the pedal should be minimal at top of stroke, preferably less than 1/2-inch. For standard clutch assembly, full stroke of the pedal should produce about 5/8-inch of motion at the slave cylinder push rod. It only requires about 3/8-inch there to release the stock clutch, so about 60% of pedal travel should do it.

If you have to bury the pedal nearly into the carpet for clutch release, that implies insufficient travel at the slave cylinder (easy to check with a helper to push the pedal). Loss of output travel could result from air in the circuit.

MGA master cylinder has 7/8" bore size. Occasionally a 3/4" bore master cylinder from a 1098cc midget/Sprite may find its way into an MGA. This will displace 27% less fluid and will require 36% longer pedal stroke to produce same travel of the slave cylinder. With more than 80% of pedal travel required, if you have too much free play at top of stroke you're stuffed.
Barney Gaylord

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