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MG MGA - clutch plate retainer clips


I fixed the clutch and new plate and new pressure plate. One of the 3 pressure plate retainer clips is broken. Does anyone have one hanging around? The alternative is buying a new clutch, which is a bit of a waste. Maybe someone who swapped the entire clutch?

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

-- Paul
Paul van Adrichem

If you have a photo of what you need I probably have one
dominic clancy


Is it item 3 or item 5 in the attached image?
I have some of them, but it would be easier if someone in Europe has them.


M F Anderson

Hi Dominic, Mick,
It is indeed the item 3 of the image Mick attached.

One of the clips is broken, which toasted the clutch pressure bearing.

Dominic, looks like you are in closer proximity from where I'm at... I can give you my Email address:
Paul.vanAdrichem @ telfort . nl
(Added some spaces for spam suppression)


-- Paul

Paul van Adrichem

Not long ago a friend found that particular part available new on a Metropolitan parts source web site. Some place in southern USA, like Texas maybe. Search the web for 7H3001. Could be here:
Maybe you could find one closer to home.
Barney Gaylord


I'd get one from KIP if they have them - saves me struggling to dismantle an old clutch cover, and for the $6 it's not worth the effort unless they are NLA

dominic clancy

Thanks Dominic,

I'll try that first. May want to order and replace all 3 just to be sure.

Enjoy the holidays.

-- Paul
Paul van Adrichem

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