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MG MGA - Clutch Presure Plate

I just bout a NEW clutch Pressure plate at a swap meet this weekend. I was taking a chance it was the correct one as it had MGA written in it. If I would have had a tape measure with me I would have know it was the wrong one.. So what I bought is a 9 1/4" pressure plate from Borg & Beck.. part number on Box is 27H3277. it is a 9 1/4 inch and in white paint is 45695/16. Also it is a three finger type and the springs on the inside are white. Would like to sell this to recover some money. I did not spend a lot so no big loss. Thx
Ron Bissland

I have Contacted Borg Beck and there tech department says it fits a 1963 to 67 Austin Healey 3000 mk2 & 3. Looks like it now will go up for sale on Ebay. Ron
Ron Bissland

If it fits the Healey 3000 it will also fit certain model of Maserati Merak.
I had to replace clutch on Maserati and the Masserati disc was over $300.00 . I had a disc for the Healey and it was a Borg/Beck with identical markings as that from the Maserti.
ss sanders

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