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MG MGA - Clutch problem

Not being one if the brave people who enjoy year round open top motoring my A has been idle over the winter; on preparing it for its first event I find the clutch will not disengage. The pedal has a normal feel to it; gears will engage with the engine off; and when the gears are engaged the transmission operates. I have bled the hydraulic system to the clutch. I can only think that somehow the clutch plate has got stuck to the flywheel. Has anybody any ideas about remedies short of getting the engine out to examine the clutch?
Robert Divine

This happened to me a long, long time ago on a non MG which I used to run in the summer only and if my memory serves me right I think that the clutch friction linings then contained a type of steel mesh and I put the sticking down to rusting of the lining to the flywheel.

I guess the proper engineering solution would have been to take out the engine and prize off the friction plate. Instead what I did was to jolt the plate loose by running the engine at a fast tickover whilst in neutral and with the clutch pedal fully depressed I quickly threw it into gear. I can't remember what gear I decided to throw it in but it worked first or second time with no ill effects as far as I can remember......................Mike
m.j. moore


The same happened to me last year.
Like mostly, Barney
R de Krom

Try putting it in 4th gear, press the clutch and then pull the starter. The plate is stuck to the flywheel - do drive it in the dry in the winter for a little exercise now and again.
Pete Tipping

Thanks chaps; am going away for the rest of Easter but will try your tips on Tuesday. I thought of the '3rd procedure' R de Krom outlines and got so far as getting onto axle stands, but by that time the tired battery had given up. So a good charge and try again; good to know it might work!
Robert Divine

Bob, before you try the above, try this gentler approach. Start the engine in neutral, let the engine run until it is well and truly warmed up, 15 minutes ought to do it, (your neighbours are going to love this!) then with the clutch pedal depressed, blip the throttle vigorously several times. The heat from the engine and the rapid change in engine speed will often break the sieze, if it doesn't, proceed to the above remedies. The heating certainly helps to free a stuck clutch, an old hand gave me this advice years ago and it worked for me.
Lindsay Sampford

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