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MG MGA - Clutch push rod

I just changed my clutch slave for a new one and just can't get the clevis pin in. I can insert a 3/16 drill only.
I tried chamfering the ends but no good.
Seems I will have to file close to 1/8" off the rod.
Should I have to do this?
The clutch bearing is new, as is the fork bushing and the clevis, but it all went together with the old slave, which was leaking.
Art Pearse

The clevis pin used by the slave cylinder and that used by the brake and clutch assembly are two different part numbers and sizes but very similar in appearance. You might check in to be sure that you have the correct one for the application. They are hard to tell apart.
Keith Lowman

Its all together now after I used a file on the nose of the pin. About 1/16 off. All bled and it feels great. No problems at all in bleeding, aided by my 12 yo grandson in the driver's seat.
Art Pearse

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