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MG MGA - Clutch release

I have a 1600Mk2 with a Hi-gear Sierra Type9 conversion, installed approx 15000 miles ago. Recently, when I start off or change gear using the normal clutch release pedal position (about 1/2 way down) there is no problem, but if I were to press the pedal right to the floor, I would hear a light 'rasping' or grinding sound. I replaced the release bearing using the one from the Hi Gear kit. Does anyone have any thoughts, please?
Mike Wilson

Mike I have a 1600 Mk1 fitted with 1950 MGB engine and a Hi Gear Type 9 conversion and my clutch release bearing was making a noise after about 1200 miles when the engine was removed the carbon was worn right down and the noise was the release bearing casing pushing on the clutch spring plate.Also there was a crack from the pivot to the rim of the bearing.Have now replaced it with A roller bearing one

It does seem to have release bearing problem written all over it unfortunately.
The hydraulics on the clutch must be ok otherwise you would have problems selecting gear, although it could be that, for some reason, the clutch operating arm is pushing the release bearing too far.

We only tend to press the pedal fully down when we select 1st gear and so you may well be able to live with this for a while longer yet until you decide to tackle it. Avoiding driving in stop start traffic, for example, would help.

Maybe you could borrow a fibre-optic gadget to have a look at the release bearing in situ?

Hope that helps some.

c firth

Mr Speak

Where did you get the roller bearing?

dominic clancy

I think it was either the MG owners club or Moss I will check tomorrow

Regards David

This thread was discussed on 17/11/2015

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