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MG MGA - Clutch release arm

Hi, I need a clutch release arm to put a MGB clutch in my 1960 MGA. Is there a number on the arm? I have sourced an arm #22h1057. Is this correct? Thanks, Netal Turner
neal turner


I suggest you put your question on the MGB Technical BBS.
Ask if the arm is correct for a three synchro type MGB gearbox.

Do you have the correct three synchro MGB front gearbox cover, MGB carbon thrust bearing and MGB bearing clips?

M F Anderson

i believe the P/No for the B arm is 22B56 and 22B55 for the cover plate.

C Manley


I have just looked through my parts and I have a MGB 3 synchro clutch arm with the MOWOG casting number of 22B57. I also have the matching front cover with a MOWOG casting number of 22B55.

Unfortunately these are not for sale as they are required for a MGA conversion.

There is a MGB arm part number 22H1057 on Ebay, item 110532160656, but the seller says that is a Moss part number 462-590 which is the arm for a 4 synchro MGB gearbox.

M F Anderson

I bought the appropriate 3 synchro MGB clutch release arm (lever) from Peter Gamble of Hi Gear engineering with my 5 speed conversion kit.
The price was 45 pounds, for a new (not used) part.
The part number on the invoice is listed as: 22B57
T Aczel


The operating arm that you need is BMC part number 22B56 but the number actually cast on the item is 22B57.
Sound confusing? That odd arrangement of the casting number and the catalogue number being one digit different is a strange BMC habit.

See Ebay item number 160522052915

The 22H1057 arm is for a 4 synchro MGB gearbox and cannot be used.

Do you have the front gearbox cover?
This is BMC number 48G266 with a casting number of 22B55. I recommmend that you find the cover first as it is the most difficult item to obtain.

M F Anderson

I have the gearbox cover casting number 22B55.
If you are interested contact me via email

T Cox

"That odd arrangement of the casting number and the catalogue number being one digit different is a strange BMC habit."

Not really, there is a logical explanantion. The number on the casting would be the design drawing number for the casting, the drawing might also specify some machining etc. The catalogue ( Service Parts List ) number would be for the service part as it would be supplied to a dealer or customer - for the Clutch Withdrawal Lever it would be the machined casting ( actually it might be a forging ? ) with the pivot bush pressed in.

It can be useful to know some of the casting numbers ( No, I don't have a list ! ), but it can be a trap. Some castings etc were designed for several options of machining ( eg location of the fuel inlet pipe in SU carburettor bodies ) to eventually produce different finished parts for different applications.

J N Gibson


I agree with the idea that forgings and castings can have a different casting number from the finished item catalogue number.
But I think the risk of a mistake is very low.
We all use used parts these days (usually better than repro) and the BMC part number is not on the item.
The rough casting could be used for another application, but I would expect that if there is only one digit difference you are quite safe.
I have never had a problem using that method.

M F Anderson

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