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MG MGA - Clutch Release Arm Gaitor

I want to replace the badly perished clutch release arm gaiter. How difficult would this be with the engine in situ? Has any body done this? New replacement gaiter looks to be a tight fit over the base of the arm.

r a evans

Some say the gator is a waste of money and frustration. Keeping out the small amount of dust and road grime is not really a problem. Disagree or not I installed one for added insurance to keep out road grime.
To install one I would lubricate the the gator with a small amount of grease. Get a old dull flat short screw driver and start slowly to push the gator in the tranny. Work your way around the gator until the gator is fully installed. The gator I installed recently seemed stiffer than the one I installed years ago.
Ray Ammeter

I installed mine in situ using washing up liquid (less messy than grease), but it is tight.
P. Tilbury

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