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MG MGA - Clutch Replacement and Engine upgrade

Well guys it finally has reached the point that I need to replace my clutch. Did a total frame off restoration between 1990 & 1996. Got my 62 MK II on the road and drove it to Indy for the first All MG gathering. Since then driving has been relatively incident free with a few minor hip-cups. Anyway I have driven 47K in that time and last fall on one of my last trips out the clutch started to go. I have several questions.

The clutch is probably shot, what is the best replacement and are there any other parts I should check and replace while I have the engine out and transmission off??

Next. My thought was to upgrade the engine while I have it out. I know that a different cam can be put in for better performance, but that's about the only thing that I know about. What other suggestions does anybody have while the engines out??

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

J Butler

I would put in a MGB clutch and pressure plate. That will require an early MGB flywheel and the throwout arm and front portion from early MGB transmission. Lots of information in the archives on this switch. The rest depends on how much upgrading you want to undertake. Five speed transmissions, MGB engines, superchargers, etc are all options. Good luck.
Bill Haglan

Would also recommend a ball-throwout bearing from Scarborough Faire.
David Werblow

You can have your existing flywheel lightened and modified to the pin arrangement for the B clutch. Fitting a lighter flywheel is the easiest and biggest bang-for-buck.

The B clutch is an improvement over the A one, as it is more durable, but you need the early B clutch fork and gearbox front cover to do this mod. If you like long distance cursing, the five speed box is a huge improvement in drivability and reduces noise levels and fuel consumption considerably. If you use the B clutch with the five speed you still need the B fork and front cover.

The next stage is a faster cam and a flowed head (lead free), you can get a big performance improvement here.

After that you get into significant money and diminishing returns for your money

The final buzz is a supercharger, which will cost about the same as the gearbox kit with the five speed box.
dominic clancy

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