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MG MGA - Clutch slave

I want to make sure I have the right clutch cylinder. The reason for my uncertainty is that the pushrod I inherited (and dismantled years ago) is 3-1/4" from hole centre to the tip. The new one I bought from Moss is 2-3/8". Moss says it is correct and so do several of you guys. The old one is long to fit! The only change I made was a new thrust bearing, but the old one was not really worn, but chipped. So I am worried the slave may not be correct. It is a Lockheed model HDA2, 1-1/4" bore and a Moss rebuid kit fits it. When installed, there is 1/2" of free movement from where the piston is pushed hard back, to where it engages the clutch. Here is a pic with new rod, fully pushed back.

Art Pearse

Better angle view

Art Pearse

Installed, engaging the clutch

Art Pearse

This thread was discussed on 18/07/2010

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