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MG MGA - clutch slave boot

I installed my new boot on the clutch fork. It is quite stiff, and puts a pressure on the fork towards disengaging. I have not mated the gearbox yet, but it would seem this will cause the carbon thrust bearing to be in constant contact with the plate and rubbing all the time. There is no return spring on the fork. Problem?
Art Pearse

Hi Art, I know what you mean. The rubber gaitor seems pretty stiff, however once the slave cylinder is installed, the clutch linkage seems to work fine, at least on my 1500. That boot has more flex than it seems, so I wouldnt worry about it too much. You should be able to tell if there is a problem by the amount of free play at the clutch pedal. A total lack of free play there could indicate a problem with the boot, or a pushrod length problem. Worse case scenario would be having to replace the rubber boot, lying on your back under the car. It's edefinitely asier to replace the boot when the tranny is on the bench! Ceers, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

OK Glenn. I was thinking of the "test run" period where I won't have the clutch hydrualics, and the rubber will be pushing the fork. I guess I can lace it back. I will NOT be using open bowl gasoline for the run, however successful it might have been! I can just see the insurance adjuster -"you did WHAT?"
Art Pearse

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