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MG MGA - Clutch Slop

I seem to have an issue with my clutch on a 58 being very sloppy after driving a while. It appears when it get warmed up it has a harder time maintaining pressure. The breaks are fine but the clutch requires a few pumps to get the full range going or else it catches 1/2 inch off the floor. There is no problem with leaks and I have never had to add to the MC since rebuilt 2 years ago. Is this just a normal occurrence?
WMR Bill

First thought would be that there is air in the hydraulics. Since it appears to get worse after driving, it may be a broken spring in the slave that is allowing the slave piston to back away during driving, you then need a pump or two to get it back in contact with the rod. You can check this by driving for a while and then slipping into neutral without using the clutch, then check if the rod has play at the slave. Could also be caused by bypassing in the master cylinder if it is worn out or if the seals have swelled.
J Heisenfeldt

This thread was discussed on 17/09/2008

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